How to curate a gallery wall

Creating a gallery wall is a perfect way to beautify your home and inject some creative flair. Here, Lea Lange, Co-Founder of JUNIQE – the first lifestyle brand for curated and affordable wall art, home accessories, fashion and stationery – gives her top tips on how to curate a gallery wall as unique as you are.

  • The first thing you need to do is start a collection of artwork. Rather than choosing pieces that are currently ‘on trend’, go for art that catches your eye and makes you feel truly happy. A gallery wall is a way to visually communicate self-expression, so follow your heart and celebrate your individuality.
  • Decide whether you want to keep to a pattern, for example the same size prints or colour frames, or whether you would prefer to work in an eclectic mix of different sizes and styles. It’s also worth choosing whether you want to work in odd or even numbers. Sometimes even numbers work well in groups of the same size, but with assorted arrangements or collections odd numbers tend to work better.
  • Measure your wall space, then lay your collection on the floor so you can move prints around before hanging them up. There are various ways to hang artwork which you can play around with so you can see what you like best. Here are some of my favourites methods:
    • Grid: A grid is a great way to display art if you have a few pictures of the same size and want your gallery wall to look symmetrical. When hanging pictures in a grid formation treat them as one large picture. Leave a gap of 5cm between large pictures and 4cm if they’re smaller.
    • Row: Hanging pictures in a row works regardless of whether the pictures are the same size or not. If you have a selection of pictures that are different sizes you can choose to line up the top, middle or bottom of the pictures, whatever looks best.
    • Salon hanging: Salon hanging involves packing as many pieces as possible together to show the breadth of your collection. This works especially well if you have an eclectic collection full of different sizes and frames. Experiment with differing styles placed together, for example combining diverse textures and dimensions, and framed and unframed prints. When it comes to salon hanging, don’t worry about traditional aesthetics or conventions; you are going to see the wall more than anyone else so go with what you like and run with it.
    • Loose grid: This is a combination between a grid and salon hanging. It pitches between strict symmetry and freeform hanging. One method is to arrange varying sizes of prints along the same straight line, so that the edges are parallel to each other, allowing their differing sizes to come to the fore. Alternatively, place a row of one size of prints between two rows of prints of different sizes.
    • Top tip: Whatever method you choose to hang your pictures I would suggest beginning in the middle and working outwards; that way you can keep adding to your collection without continually having to re-design your gallery wall. Because the gallery wall is an expression of your individuality you are bound to want to change things around, so don’t feel like it has to be set in stone.
  • When it comes to hanging you will need nails or pictures hooks, and a hammer. With a pencil, draw lightly on the walls where the top of the corners of the frames will be. Next, measure and mark how much lower down the picture frame you want your nail holes before hammering them in.

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