How to Create a Spacious and Airy Home

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A spacious and airy home is perfect for feeling fresh each morning, house gatherings, and a clean, inspiring atmosphere. However, when you have a cramped, cluttered space, it can feel nearly impossible to achieve that aesthetic. Don’t fret, as there are some simple ways of creating the spacious home of your dreams – here is how.

Lots of Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to create the image of space is by placing mirrors around the place. Mirrors reflect light, giving the illusion that a room is bigger than it is and instantly brightening the place up.

Don’t worry; mirrors aren’t just for bathrooms and bedrooms – they look great over a living room mantelpiece and even above kitchen surfaces.

Knock Down the Walls

A small house does not have to feel tiny if you knock down the walls and create an open plan! While this might take some work (you’ll need to hire some builders), the effect will be huge, creating a modern, airy space that you’ll be proud to show off.

Add an Extension

Another piece of work that takes a little more time but makes an excellent addition is an extension. After all, what better way to create a spacious house than literally add more space? You can use your extension for whatever you like – a cute reading-room/conservatory would look fabulous! Harringtons Group provides East Sussex House Extensions if you are interested in creating a beautiful new area for your home.


Decluttering is essential if you want an open, airy area that feels spacious. Go through each of your belongings one room at a time, and choose what to keep, what to throw away, and what should go in storage. If you have too many items you want to keep but nowhere to put them, consider using a storage unit to free up space in your home.

Use Lighter Colours

Dark, dingy rooms give the opposite of an airy atmosphere, so choose light, bright colours like pastels, creams, and oranges. Not only will it make the area feel more spacious, but it’ll add a dash of warmth, too.

More Windows

By installing more and bigger windows, your house will embrace the light of the outdoors, becoming naturally bright and inviting. You could even take it a step further and install some glass sliding doors, which will give the house a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Better Lighting 

A single, bright orange light in the middle of a room makes a space feel dingy and uninviting. Instead, place lamps, spotlights, and modern light fixtures around the place for layered lighting that will brighten the whole place up. It’s amazing what difference a few extra bulbs in the right place can make, so experiment with the lights in each room to find the combination that shines.

By creating a home that’s both airy and spacious, you will get to enjoy uninterrupted, clean beauty every single day. Plus, the tidying will be much easier!

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