How to Choose the Perfect Bed

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According to sleep experts, the recommended amount of sleep we should be getting each night is between 6-8 hours. Yet, many of us struggle to achieve this. A poor night’s sleep will leave you feeling sluggish, irritable and moody. But, more than that it, long-term sleep problems can have a negative impact on your health and mental wellbeing.

If you’re looking to replace your bed to achieve a better night’s sleep. Or, if you’ve recently decorated your bedroom and want a new bed to match your new décor, here is what you should consider when choosing the perfect bed:

Visit a bed specialist

There is some amazing bed offers online, but it’s not a good idea to purchase a bed without seeing it first. Instead, visit a bed specialist like snuginteriors, whose highly trained staff will take the time to talk through your needs, explain the different style of beds available and help you to choose a bed which matches all your requirements.

Try them out

Part of the fun of visiting a specialist bed store is that you get to try out the beds! But on a serious note, this is an important part of choosing a bed. Particularly as you may have the bed for ten years plus, so you’ve got to be sure it’s 100% right for you.

Lying back on the bed will help you decide if it offers the best support and comfort. Don’t forget to try it out in different positions, as we rarely stay still when we sleep.

Consider the size of the room

Before you start looking for a bed you should measure the dimensions of the room it’s going in. As to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep you need adequate space around the bed so you can comfortably get in and out of it. Plus, a big bed in a small space is totally impractical and it will also look silly.

Consider all options

When it comes to the design of bed’s you’re spoilt for choice. There are four-poster beds, day beds, platform beds, divan beds, bunk beds, storage beds etc. While you may have a style in mind, it’s a good idea to be open to considering all options as you may find something else that ticks all your boxes.

If you have a multifunctional space, a sofa or fold-away bed is a great idea as it gives you the option of using it for another purpose or storing it away while it’s not being used.

Decide on a budget

As well as differing styles, beds also come in different price ranges. For example, you can find single beds for as little as £150, while a top range divan bed can cost around £3,000. In finding your perfect bed, you should decide on a budget and choose the best bed available within that price bracket.

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy a restful night’s sleep in a bed which meets you’re your requirements and in a style that works for your home.  

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