Getting Your Garden Ready for Summer

As the evenings get longer and the days warmer, now is the time to really put some thought into your garden so that you can enjoy it all year long.

Jeff Djevdet, a property buyer located in West Sussex shares a few tips to get you started.

  • Lawns need love. To get the best from it both visually and as a playing surface for budding Ronaldo’s, feed it but be sure to give it a good rake too. You’ll be amazed at how much moss and weeds will come out that would otherwise colonise the entire lawn.
  • Sticking with lawns, they can look untidy over winter so edge around paths and beds for an instant ‘more loved effect’.
  • The poor old patio furniture has been out all year whilst you’ve been cosy indoors. Scrub or jet wash plastic furniture and treat wood to a gentle wire brushing and treatment of preservative. You can even change the colour to give it a lift.
  • Barbeque season will soon be here, give it a good wash so that you’re not barbecuing dead spiders when the time comes.
  • Daffs are a great sign of spring to come, but by now might be well past their best. Tie them up to make them neater whist still allowing much needed nutrients back to the bulb.
  • Go to pot. For instant colour and even a Mediterranean feel, use some well-placed pots with bright spring and summer flowers. Plastic is cheaper but we think you can’t beat terracotta – it looks great and the plants prefer if as they are more insulated from the summer sun.
  • Get sowing. Many flowers and plants can be sown now. We love pots of tomatoes on the terrace for a summery feel, it gives off a lovely tomato aroma and of course, fresh and free tomatoes whenever you want them! Sow from February to April indoors and plant out in May.

Whether you have a large country garden or cosy patio, we hope you enjoy it over those long summer days and evenings. Now, where’s that summer weather?

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