Easy household hacks for allergy sufferers

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Allergy sufferers can have a horrid time of it in the great outdoors, but some also struggle inside too. Animal hair or dust mites are both common causes of allergy attacks. However, it does not have to be quite as bad as there are measures you can implement to make life easier for them. Continue reading for our easy household hacks to help you.


The average human spends around a third of their lifetime sleeping. That is a significant length of time in bed, and as a result, if the bed harbours dust mites, you are likely to suffer more intensely. Using mattress and pillow protectors will reduce the likelihood of allergies causing problems. Washing the bedding weekly, more regularly during the summer, will also help.

Furthermore, vacuuming the mattress regularly, as weird as it may sound, will also reduce potential issues. When choosing a bed, choose one with a wooden frame as this is easy to keep clean. Bed with fabric frames and headboards will always be problematic.


Carpet is the absolute worst floor covering that you can choose when it comes to dust and dirt. Particles become embedded in the weave of the carpet, proving very difficult to get rid of. It isn’t just dust that you have to worry about, but pollen, pet hair and mould spores also cause huge problems. Opting for real wood flooring or laminate will make it much easier to keep on top of the cleaning. Furthermore, what you see is what you get. If you see no dust, there is none in that spot. However, with carpet, it is embedded and impossible to see. If you are unable to change from carpet, invest in a good quality vacuum that is designed with allergies in mind. The Appliance Hunter UK website has excellent advice when it comes to choosing the very best for your requirements.

Window Coverings

Curtains which are easy to wash, such as plain ones made from cotton, are your friend when it comes to .‘/’\]
. Yet again, these can be a magnet for allergens, so ensure you wash them on a regular basis. If you have horizontal blinds, replace them, if possible, with a roller blind. If it is not convenient to do so, ensure they are wiped down at least weekly. There are special dusters designed for this job.


When you are looking to invest in some new furniture, spend plenty of time looking around. Wood, metal and plastic are best when it comes to materials which are easy to keep clean. Upholstered furniture is a big no-no when it comes to allergy sufferers as, like with carpets, they are difficult to rid of dust, spores and hairs. Be sure to keep the furniture clean.


Not only does clutter look unsightly, but it can also be problematic for allergy sufferers, so decluttering would be a wise move. The more items you have in a room, the more places there are to dust and clean. Allergens accumulate quickly, so reducing the number of items will make a huge difference. Be sure to store children’s games and teddies in some sort of toy storage.

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