Bring Romance into Your Bedroom

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If you want to bring back the romance into your life, you first need to bring romance into your bedroom. Giving the bedroom a romantic makeover can work wonders for your love life by setting the scene for a passionate interlude. If you like the sound of that, here are some simple tips for bringing romance back into the bedroom:

Soft Lighting

Soft lighting is more atmospheric than bright lights and it certainly sets a more romantic tone and an atmosphere of anticipation. So, your first step to making your bedroom romantic should always be the inclusion of candles, dimmer lights and perhaps even twinkling fairy lights if you want to get whimsical.

If you strategically place mirrors around the bedroom, they will reflect the soft glow of candles to add more depth and atmosphere to the space.

Plush Fabrics

Nothing says romance more than plush, dark and expensive fabrics. Drape your windows in the finest threads and utilise deeply sexy shades or red, black and purple to create a romantic have in your own home.

A Comfy Bed

Getting romantic in the bedroom is no fun if your mattress is lumpy and your sheets are scratchy, so be sure to invest in a good harrisons mattress and sheets made from either linen or satin, if you want to get really sexy.

Add Texture

Speaking of bedding, you will want to add lots of different textures to your bed, from velvet and satin to faux fur and linen. Cover your bed with throws, plump pillows and cozy blankets for a sensual feeling between the sheets.

Add a Canopy

Few things set a romantic tone in the bedroom more than a canopy, which gives you privacy in the bed and adds another layer of fabric. Remember to choose sensual fabrics in dark sultry colours if you choose to have a canopy over your bed.


Flowers are the ultimate symbol of love and romance, so do not be afraid to use them liberally throughout the bedroom. Roses, lilies and orchids work particularly well in the bedroom.Place them in glass or mirrored vases for an effortlessly chic romantic look.


Creating a romantic bedroom is about more than the look and feel of the space; you will also want to introduce some decadently sexy smells into the mix. Spray your favourite perfume on the sheets, light scented candles or leave some potpourri on your dressing table to create a sensual experience for all the sense.


Wooden flooring may be easier to maintain, but when it comes to the bedroom a lovely thick luscious carpet is infinitely more romantic. Cozy, warm and tactile,  you should choose the finest carpet you can afford for the bedroom and go for dark or neutral colours to compliment the rest of the bedroom.


Add a small set of speakers to the room so that you can play your favourite romantic music that will get you and your partner in the mood for love.

With these tips and tricks, there is no way that you can fail to be more romantic in the bedroom.

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