Achieving the Modern Country Home

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The rustic country look appears set to be a staple interior trend of 2018/19. Although the idea of a country home used to be synonymous with traditional interiors and beige soft furnishings, bold looks and contemporary design now hold equal sway. In this post, we’ll explain how you can achieve the perfect modern country home.

Consider Texture Carefully

In modern homes particularly, we’ve been conditioned to think of perfectly smooth surfaces, plastered walls and landscaped floors and gardens. However, rough and organic surfaces can be the key to creating a rustic and country home. Textures like bare plaster, exposed brick and polished concrete all have a role to play in.

So why not put the Polyfilla down and opt instead for reclaimed wood clad walls or cupboard doors? If you’re not that bold, then textiles in the form of linen or sheepskins can be useful, as can wicker or woven baskets as accessories.


Your furniture can help you make a bold statement. We’ve seen a shift in trends from online retailers, high street retailer and even high-end fashion designers of late, with these providers shifting from suppling sleek, modern and minimalist designs to reworking and echoing 20th– century design.

When you’re looking for furniture, try and opt for crisp silhouettes and pieces with roots in industrial design. If you’re not looking for the expense of new furniture, then then you can also paint your existing furniture, as paint often looks more modern than dark wood.

Add a Splash of Colour

Bright and bold shades have found themselves to be at the centre of the country design trend, with mustard yellow in particular proving to be a hit. If mustard yellow isn’t your thing, then instead opt for blush pink, coral or teal.

Due to their boldness, these colours often work best as a single wall. However, if you’re not looking to paint, then you can opt for well-chosen accessories such as rugs or cushions instead. They can still help to add intrigue and drama to your space, catching the eye of any guests.

Plus, these colours can often be complemented by soft pastels, such as sage green, dusky rose and taupe. Although you’ll want to use pattern sparingly, you can use a pastel colour to create a rustic, distressed finish that still adds texture.

Here are just three ways that you can achieve the modern country home. With design styles changing, a rusty country look involving big and bold colours looks set to dominate design trends into 2109. IS it time you updated your home and added a country feel?

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