A different flavour for every room

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Home design can be a tricky subject to cover. Given how every homeowner has a different perspective and taste, no two homes are the same, with each having their own unique look and flavour; reflective on the homeowner and the image they want to portray.

As such many homeowners seek to create sleek and consistent designs, creating a nice and even flow throughout the home that reflects their personality.

Yet despite this being the norm among many designers, every room has its own unique feeling, so why not aim to have each room have its own distinctive flavour?

Taking advantage of this would allow you to keep things fresh, as well as giving yourself more flexibility to keep up with current design trends.

However what would be the best “flavour” for each room?

Let’s begin with the living room.

This is the centrepiece of your home design and also where you are likely to spend most of your family time, so should have a sweet and uplifting flavour to it.

This can be achieved with a vibrant colour scheme and decorations, which take advantage of the rooms natural light. For those wanting to take things to the next level, redecorating with new wallpaper and perhaps even light laminate wood flooring. These touches would help make the living room a pleasant environment, that you will be eager to return to return to over and over again.

Next up the dining room.

For this article we will assume that the kitchen is separate from the dining area. In this context you would want to feel like every meal, from breakfast through to evening lunch is an event. So why not give your dining room a luxury flavour, splashing out on a luxurious wooden dining table with sleek leather chairs. This luxury feeling doesn’t need to end there, as a brand new grey laminate floor and accompanying wallpaper or panelling will help create a feeling of luxury rivalled only by the finest restaurants.

Now onto the bedroom.

This is one of the more flexible and individual rooms in the home, therefore its flavour can vary from homeowner to homeowner. One may want their bedroom to have a very astringent flavour, yet others may want a cool flavour to help them wind down after a hard day.

Yet after a hard day clambering into bed may be something that they want to enjoy for as long as possible. In this instance aiming for a savoury flavour would be the way to go. With brown laminate flooring as a catalyst you can create an absorbing design which makes anyone who enters the bedroom, enjoy every moment they are in there. Follow this up by adding in relaxing crimson red or cream curtains and a soothing oak wood bed and you are sure to savour every night’s sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Finally let’s take on the bathroom.

This is not a room that we spend a whole lot of time in. Yet as we are approaching summertime, heading to the bathroom for a cool shower is one of the best ways to escape the heat and humidity. So why not have your bathroom reflect that, creating a cool and refreshing flavour with brilliant white tiles, brought to the forefront with black laminate flooring.

The best thing about designing your home around this is that no two rooms will ever be the same, keeping things not only fresh but also personal to you.

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