A Complete Guide to Removing Graffiti from Your Garage Door and Bringing Its Glory Back

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Regardless of the area you live in, you cannot fully secure your garage door from getting vandalised – anyone can find themselves face to face with a tagged garage door one morning. The next thought you might have once you see graffiti on your garage door might be: “How much should I pay for a new garage door?” However, there is no need to rush things – there are some ways to get rid of that tag on your garage door.

However, depending on the extent of the disaster, removing graffiti might require even more imagination than putting it there in the first place. But don’t worry – we’ve prepared this complete guide to help you remove graffiti from your garage door and bring its glory back. Continue reading to find the best solution for your current situation.

Assess the Damage

The first thing you need to do is evaluate the damage – how much surface area has been vandalised? Depending on the size of graffiti, you will be able to estimate how much time you will need to spend to get your garage door clean. If the task seems a bit daunting, you may want to consider contacting a cleaning company to scrub it off for you but keep in mind that it won’t be the most cost-effective solution. At the same time, if you want to be more prepared for such situations in the future, you could consider installing a smart home security system – in which case you might be interested in Hive Home promo codes.

You may also want to double-check if your home insurance policy covers graffiti removal – some insurance providers allow homeowners to file a claim under the provision for damage in such cases. If not, keep reading to find out what you’ll need to get rid of that unwelcomed artwork on your garage door.

Start with Household Cleaning Products

Dealing with spray paint might be tricky, but before you stock up on abrasive cleansers, make sure to test the household cleaning items you have at hand on small areas and see how they handle it.

For example, you can start with preparing the simplest and even environmentally friendly solution by mixing white vinegar (five parts) and lemon juice or baking soda (one part). You will have to put some effort into removing graffiti with this mixture, but it most likely will be as effective as other chemical cleaners you might have at hand.

If the white vinegar does not work, make sure to try other liquid detergents you have at home – they are supposed to remove water-based paints. Then, you can try rubbing alcohol or acetone (nail polish remover) – the latter might even help if the graffiti was done with a permanent marker. You can also try other chemical cleaners you have at home, such as oven cleaner, but remember to use them according to the instructions on the package – some of them might require more time to start working on the surface than others.

Purchase a Professional Product

If nothing seems to be working, it’s time to consider getting something stronger – a professional cleaner designed solely for dealing with graffitis. You can order one online, but it would be better to go to the nearest home improvement retailer and ask a specialist there to recommend the most suitable product for your needs. It is important because you need to choose the right product, depending on your garage door and the type of paint used for creating graffiti, as well as some other factors.

Here are several factors you need to consider when choosing a product for graffiti removal:

  • materials used for creating graffiti: water-based or oil-based paint, permanent markers, enamel, etc.,
  • whether your garage door is wood, metal, or other,
  • type of paint and other coatings your garage door is covered with (if any),
  • the age of your garage door

After purchasing a commercial product, make sure to use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions – this will allow you to avoid damaging the layers of paint under graffiti.

Consider Repainting Your Garage Door

Unfortunately, in some cases, even commercial-grade products might not succeed at removing graffiti. If that is the case, you still have one more option – repainting your garage door entirely. Besides, if the amount of graffiti covers your garage door almost completely, it might be your best bet.

However, there is a couple of things to keep in mind if you decide to repaint your garage door. First of all, make sure to clean it thoroughly from dirt and grease before applying anything else – you might even consider using a power washer for this. Then, you can apply high-quality primer to ensure that graffiti won’t show through the layers of paint you’re going to apply next.

Finally, after the primer has dried completely, you can start painting your garage door with exterior paint – this will allow your garage door to withstand lower temperatures and other harsh weather conditions.

Stay Safe

Remember to wear special gloves made of thick rubber, construction safety glasses, a mask, and clothes with long sleeves while working on graffiti removal to protect your eyes and skin from chemicals. If the chemical solution gets on your skin or into the eyes, it is necessary to rinse the affected area with plenty of running water as soon as possible.

The Bottom Line

Discovering undesired artwork at the door of their property is an upsetting event for any homeowner, but, unfortunately, nobody can completely prevent it from happening. And if (or when) your property gets vandalised, it is essential not to hesitate to consult the damage with your insurance company first and plan your next moves accordingly.

Nevertheless, even if you have to deal with graffiti on your own, there are still multiple ways to tackle this problem effectively – from removing it with regular household cleaners to using professional products to repainting your garage if necessary. So, make sure to evaluate the extent of the ruin first, and then follow our step-by-step guide to bring your garage door its glory back. Make sure you have the necessary tools and materials and get to work!

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