5 ways to make your bed and breakfast more efficient

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Running a bed and breakfast can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s often tough balancing finances, customer service and marketing. Below, we’ve put together five ways to make your bed and breakfast more efficient this year.

  1. Cut back on freebies

We get it – you care about your guests and want to offer them the best service you can. However, little things can quickly add up, and before you know it, your room overheads can skyrocket. For example, if you’re investing in premium toiletries and accessories, consider whether or not you’re getting a return on your investment for them. Extras like an extended checkout, baggage storage, extra toast at breakfast and drinks upon arrival could all be charged separately to help you bring in money and improve the efficiency of your B&B.

  1. Create a work plan

If you hire staff to cook, clean and greet guests, then the chances are that everyone will have their own way of doing things. Break down the basics of each task – such as cleaning a room, preparing a breakfast – by creating a ‘user manual’ which can be referred to at all times. Not only does this mean that new staff will work in the most effective manner possible, but it also avoids discrepancies and ensures standardisation to deliver a more streamlined and predictable service to all of your guests.

  1. Use an automated booking system

If you run a small bed and breakfast, then the chances are that you won’t have the capital to invest in a custom-built online booking system. Some of the world’s biggest hotel chains spend millions of pounds building and maintaining their own systems, meaning that users can reserve and book online and make changes to their rooms wherever they are in the world. Luckily, software such as Eviivo has entered the market to make it easier to manage your bed and breakfast. As well as online booking, the service allows you to check guests in with a single click and integrate your B&B website with Booking.com and TripAdvisor.

  1. Limit your marketing

Marketing has changed a lot in the past ten years. No longer is it cost-effective to promote your bed and breakfast in the local newspaper and offer discounts – instead, you should use digital marketing techniques such as content marketing, pay-per-click advertising and social media, all of which can be free to use if you know how. American Express has put together seven ways to promote your small business for free online.

  1. Become more environmentally friendly

It’s not just global warming that large hotel chains are thinking about when they offer ‘eco-friendly’ alternatives to traditional hotel practices – they’re thinking about their bottom line. One great way to make your bed and breakfast more efficient is to ask guests to reuse their to prevent wastage.

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