5 Tips To Successfully Deep Clean Your Home

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Everyone desires that cozy feeling of satisfaction that’s derived from relaxing in a tidy home. It comes at a price since keeping a home clean requires skill, time, effort, and commitment. Apart from regular cleanups, a deep clean is something that will make you feel proud of your home. You can deep clean your home by yourself if you have the time and skill to do a perfect job. Alternatively, you can engage experts providing exemplary cleaning services such as SwiftClean to assist you.

Check out the following tips to successfully deep clean your home.

1. Make A Checklist Of Whatever Needs To Be Cleaned

Identify and list down everything that you need to clean in order to assist you in acquiring the right tools you need for each cleaning task. It is also crucial to allow proper planning for the cleaning exercise as you might not complete cleaning in a day if the home is significantly big, and if you will be carrying out a thorough cleaning.

The cleaning checklist can include areas in high places like the ceilings and porches, low places like the floor and floor mats, side areas like the walls, windows and blinds, doors, and the contents inside each room in a home. You can also identify the major components in every room paying close attention to electronic items. You can make it comprehensive if you like, but a general list will be good enough.

2. Assemble Your Cleaning Arsenal

Use the guiding checklist you have made to determine the cleaning tools that you need for each purpose. Plan well to ensure you have all essentials required for each of the cleaning tasks you listed.

The items can include gloves to protect your hands, water buckets, water, detergents, soap, vacuum cleaners, towels, hand-held and handle-supported hard and soft brushes, steel brushes, fibre towels, dust bins, and other materials according to your cleaning needs. Acquire the cleaning materials depending on the manpower you have to assist you to do the cleaning.

3. Draft A Cleaning Plan

Come up with a workable cleaning schedule. Unless you have adequate manpower, deep cleaning can even take a week or more. Make the plan based on time availability, so you can have realistic timelines to complete the cleaning exercise.

If you are working with a team and can complete the cleaning in a day, you can plan your schedule in hours. If the work seems bulky, you can spread the cleaning out over the entire week or whatever time works best for you. Commit to complete the cleaning in time to avoid losing track and motivation as such an exercise is quite demanding.

4. Do The Actual Cleaning

It is now time to make your house a home. The cleaning checklist is ready, the cleaning tools are ready, and the planning schedule is also ready. Proceed with the following guide, though you may adjust it to suit your specific cleaning needs.

A.   Clean The Kitchen

  • Clean high areas and the sides of the kitchen. Remove cobwebs from the ceiling and wipe it clean. Move down the sidewalls and the windows of your kitchen. Wipe dust off the light bulbs. Clean the edges of the walls. Wipe any stains off the walls and proceed to clean the kitchen door.
  • Clean surfaces. Remove all items on kitchen surfaces and in cabinets. Thoroughly clean cabinets and pantries paying close attention to the edges as they mostly tend to be forgotten. Disinfect and clean the sink to get rid of bacteria.
  • Clean kitchen equipment. Use appropriate materials to clean the different parts of your oven, refrigerator, blenders, gas cooktops, microwave, and any other equipment you have in the kitchen. Remember some of these items have exposed electronic components that need the use of dry cleaners to avoid short-circuiting damages.
  • Clean utensils. Now that you are doing deep cleaning, clean all utensils again before returning them to their appropriate storage locations.
  • Clean the floor. All dirt may end up falling on the floor. Once you have everything else cleaned, work on the floor. Scrub where necessary and use detergent to disinfect it. If you happen to have a kitchen mat, use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt and make it tidy.

B.    Clean The Washroom

Remove cobwebs from the ceiling, and wipe the dust off the bulbs. Work on the walls, windows, mirrors, and the door plus door frame. Scrub the washroom curtain. Disinfect and scrub the toilet bowl. Scrub the floor and clean any bath mats you might have. Clean the holders of sanitary items like soap dishes and hangers.

C.   Clean Bedrooms

Start from the ceiling, and move on to the walls, windows, and doors. It is important to clean every room in your house. Clean wardrobes and wipe surfaces with detergents. Remove mattresses and duvets from your bed to clean the bed properly and remove any dirt under it. Wash the duvets and vacuum the mattress to rid it of any dust. Clean the closets in bedrooms.

D.   Clean The Living And Dining Room

Clean the ceiling and light systems. Proceed to the walls and be particular about cleaning the edges. Remove stains from the fabric of sofas. Clean all parts of the seats, tables, and wall units. Clean the floor and vacuum floor mats. Clean the windows and blinds, dust the mirrors, and wipe the doors. If the space in the house is a bit tight, move the furniture outside and return it after you are done cleaning.

E.    Clean The Store

If you have an in-house store, clean it up. This could be a store for basic items and equipment you use within the house. Clean all surfaces and the items in the store.

F.    Clean The Laundry Room

Clean the dryers and the washers using detergent to disinfect the surfaces. Clear up any messed-up fabrics. Dispose of empty containers.

G.   Work On Your Outdoors

Once the inside of the house is done, move on to clean the outdoor space of your home. Clear the yard of any garbage and ensure all areas surrounding the house are clean. Clean decks, porches, and other outdoor areas around your house.

5. Inspect The House After You Are Done Cleaning

As a precaution, inspect the house after cleaning to ensure everything is tidy. This is your opportunity to fix any portions of your home that you may have overlooked.


Following the simple steps outlined above, you can successfully deep clean your home. Make a list of everything you need to clean, and get the tools you need for the job. Make a schedule to guide you in the cleaning exercise. Do the actual cleaning, and inspect the home after you are done to fix any oversights.

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