5 Reasons to Try Ping Pong With Your Family

Necks craned, eyes strained, hands engaged! What a pitiful generation! We’ve become a people entranced in these cells knows as phones. Let’s put it out there as it is; technology has brought more families apart than it has actually served to unite the same. Some families even go as far as implementing rules in the house to switch off all phones when in the dining table.

All this is precisely why dire measures need to be taken. Every time this issue springs up in a social setting, I always find myself having one answer to the affected families and for some reason, they always get back to me with heartfelt gratitude. The answer – table tennis! If at any one point I sound as if I’m exaggerating it all, you’ll see why with time.

Why Go For Ping Pong?

Companies, big companies for that, are setting up table tennis in their firms. The notion behind that is that the game is not only a good distraction from the stressful work setting but also better as a corporate bonding activity. True to the word, supervisors and managers have brought in positive results on how effective the activity is claiming increased productivity amongst the employees. These positive reviews are not to be ignored; even if these are businesses and not families. So how does table tennis promise to bring about a change in your home setting?

  1. Better Health

A healthy family is a happy family. Try having a sick member among you and see how well you do with happiness. As a physical activity, ping pong leaves you mentally as well as physically strained and properly challenged. A good night’s rest should have your cells renewed and you’ll be waking up brand new!

  1. Revitalized Communication Channels

There’s nothing as miserable as a family that can’t communicate one to another freely. Whenever there’s a communication strain, there’s usually a bad vibe and negative energy that goes around. Experts on ping pong have time again appraised the game as a social tool that has always brought people together – it could be you.

  1. Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

The flexibility with table tennis makes it an all-time game for several sportsmen. The fact that you can have an indoor table tennis as well as a flexible outdoor one or a portable one that can go either way is particularly seductive. Grab your socca pizza with broccoli, prosciutto and mozzarella balls as you do some bonding with your loved ones. Guess what; you can also use the table during social functions and events for entertainment purposes – trust me, it can serve a hell lot of purposes!

  1. Sharpness That’s Hard to Match

Ping pong calls for attentiveness and a level of mental alertness that’s not particularly a necessity in most sports. Your head needs to be in the game, your eyes on the ball, and your body on the move with every hit. Such a high level of coordination goes a long way to perfects a few brain cells. How would you feel being the invincible family on the block!

  1. It’s Fun!

Come on guys, the one reason that ping pong is exhilarating should be enough reason why you’d want to have a go with your family. What’s more, it can be played by anyone – I literally mean anyone – whether it’s your 10-year old princess or your 75-year old grandmother. As long as they can move, they can play. One also has the option to play with self should you purchase an adjustable table.

Our deepest hope is that families find a way to reunite as they were years ago; let the baby boomers tell you all about it. I have a dream – not Martin Luther’s dream, but still a dream. I dream of a time when families are one, united with barbecue and sandwiches out in their backyards – eating, drinking and playing to the tunes of table tennis!

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