4 Ways To Beautify Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is one of the last rooms in the house that get upgraded and one of the most expensive to revamp. It’s the place of hygiene and toileting – not usually one associated with luxury and cosiness! However, a truly beautiful bathroom is one that is spa-like in its function and comfortable to use. You want a bathroom in your house to look welcoming, especially if you regular have guests. Your bathroom should be one you’re proud to have other people use and if you aren’t, then it needs an overhaul.

Planning a bathroom takes some work but there is a big difference between ripping the whole thing out and starting again, and simply making it beautiful. Having a bathroom that looks beautiful doesn’t mean splashing the cash to make it a luxury spa zone complete with jacuzzi bath and multi-jet shower. It just means giving it a touch of décor to make it more ambient, soft and inviting to use. There are some amazing tips online on how to give your bathroom a touch of luxury, but if you want to truly beautify the smallest room in the house, check out our fab four tips:

  1. Renovate: Ripping out the entire bathroom suite for a whole new one is a big and expensive job, and may not be one you are looking to do. However, there are ways to renovate without replacing the entire bathroom and that can come down to the smaller things like the faucets and even the lighting. Calling in some help with Bailey Pollock Electricians for your lights means you can change that harsh, strip ceiling light for some softer spotlights to give your bathroom a different mood. Swapping the faucets for mixer taps that are a sleeker, newer design can also change the whole look of the bathroom. Try out this wide faucet on the bath and watch a waterfall fill your tub.
  2. Redesign: A beautiful bathroom needs a beautiful design so look to your colour palette here. Bathrooms are always associated with water colours like blues and greens, but go against the grain for your bathroom and head for muted greys and gold accents. Walls, accessories and towels can all be coordinated in your bathroom and both colours complement each other beautifully.
  3. Replace: Any old bathroom mats and mirrors need to come down and be replaced. That speckled bathroom mirror that only shows you your head and shoulders needs to be replaced with a wall-sized mirror, especially if you have a small bathroom. Open the space up and make it look huge!
  4. Renew: Once you’ve changed the look of the bathroom, add scented candles and swap the shower curtain to a frosted glass screen instead. Cleaner lines and beautiful smells are always needed in a bathroom and your guests will always feel invited in.

Bathrooms don’t have to be an expensive renovation, but making the space look beautiful can still happen even without one.

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