When Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

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You probably know that regular servicing of your boiler is important, but what exactly does that mean? Should your boiler be serviced monthly? Every year? Or should you just wait until there’s a problem before you book a service? Knowing exactly when to service your boiler can be tricky; after all, not everybody is trained in these things and most homeowners don’t know all that much about them. We’ve put together a handy guide to when you should service your boiler for maximum efficiency, and why it’s so important not only for your boiler, but also for your wallet and your family’s safety.

Service Your Boiler Annually

First of all, it’s important to make sure that your boiler is serviced on a yearly basis. Most of the time, an annual service is all that you need to make sure that your boiler is ticking over in good condition, and ensure that you catch any problematic signs as early as possible to limit wear and tear over time. It’s probably unnecessary to service any more regularly than this unless an engineer has told you otherwise. And, along with keeping your boiler in top condition, annual servicing is also usually a warranty condition for many new boilers; you will need to book an annual service to ensure that your boiler’s warranty is valid. Not servicing yearly might also invalidate your home insurance depending on the policy that you have.

Service it If You Move House

Along with servicing your boiler yearly, it’s also worth considering booking service for the boiler whenever you move into a new home. When you move house, you don’t always know exactly when your new boiler was last serviced, so booking one for as soon as possible after you move in will make sure that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected problems left behind by the previous homeowners. Getting the boiler serviced when you move into a new place also means that you know when it was last serviced and book subsequent annual services for this time in the future.

Book Your Boiler Service During Summer

Since it’s important to service your boiler each year, it’s a good idea to do this in the summer, when engineers are less likely to be busy on call-outs. Servicing your boiler in the summer months usually means that you’ll be able to get an appointment easier and faster, and if there is an issue with your boiler that needs to be dealt with, you won’t need to endure cold temperatures while repairs are being carried out. July or August are ideal months for booking your boiler service to ensure that it’s in the best shape for the upcoming winter.

Consider Servicing if Efficiency is Dropping

Annual servicing should be more than enough to keep your boiler working well, but if it’s been a few months since your last service and your boiler seems to be working less efficiently than usual, you might be wise to book your next service a little early. Boilers that aren’t running at maximum efficiency are costing you unnecessary money, after all, so having it serviced should get it back in top working condition and help you quickly identify if there are any more serious problems that are leading to this. If a service doesn’t seem to help and your boiler is quite old, it might be time to consider having a new one installed. You can check out the guidance from boilercentral.com to find out more about a new boiler cost and pick the right option for your home.

Avoid Waiting Until There’s a Problem

Some people only remember that their boiler needs servicing when something goes wrong with it, but the truth is that this can be far more expensive for you in the long run. And, waiting until your boiler has recognisable issues before you get it serviced could mean that you end up having to get a replacement because the problem is beyond repair. On the other hand, booking a service even when there are seemingly no issues with your boiler means that the trained engineer can find any small issues that haven’t become apparent to you yet, and deal with them quickly before they get out of hand. Even if your boiler appears to be working well, problems behind the scenes could be building up over time, and it can often be difficult for homeowners to notice since they’re not trained in what to look for.

Knowing when and how to maintain your boiler can be tricky, but at the very least you should book a regular service by a trained engineer once a year.

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