Top tips on how to keep your kid’s bedroom tidy

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All parents feel the absolute pain of picking up after their children. It’s a never-ending job where we feel like we’ll never see the light of day.  Some of us even have partners who are just as bad at leaving a mess around the home. When all’s said and done, it really is the bane of our lives.

Don’t even get us started on how you feel when you step into your child’s bedroom. You find yourself running in the opposite direction and can’t stand a moment longer staring at the desolation and destruction of their room.

Well, this has to change! It’s time for our children to step up and take more responsibility in keeping their bedrooms tidy, even if it means picking up just one piece of dirty clothing off the floor every day (let’s take baby steps). But, one important factor in getting your child motivated enough to tidy up is to make their bedroom a place to be proud of.

In this blog, we’ll give you some fantastic top tips on how to keep your kid’s bedroom tidy –without you having to bear the brunt of the work!

Smart Storage

Number 1! Somewhere to store all of their toys and gadgets. It seems you can’t get through the door of your child’s bedroom without squealing in pain from standing on a piece of lego. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.

There are some beautiful and clever storage ideas out there for kids’ bedrooms. You can buy adorable dollhouse shelves, activity tables/desks with underneath storage boxes and there are even some chalkboard easels with contained storage boxes.

If you can, buy your child a bed with storage underneath. It’s a really simple and straightforward way to store your child’s toys without taking up any more floor space. Or if you don’t want to fork out more money on a new bed, buy storage boxes that will easily slip underneath their existing bed. Try to buy boxes with lids and not baskets as this will only expose the contents to dust.

Another great way to avoid using too much space is to use door hanging storage. If you don’t want to pay too much, simply install pegs onto the back of the door, hang old bags onto them and fill. It’s as easy as that.

A fun and an inspiring wallpaper mural

Number 2! Although storage and somewhere to hide all their toys and clothes is a big must, it’s important to make your child’s bedroom somewhere they want to hang out. Forget boring, painted walls. Adding colourful kid’s wallpaper murals will get them excited about their bedroom.

All it takes is one wallpaper feature wall and your child will think you’ve completely redecorated their bedroom. There’s such a fantastic range of kid’s wallpaper murals available. From tiny tots to grumpy teens, there’s sure to be a wallpaper to please all. Choose fabulous wallpapers with scenes of princess fairy tale lands, pirate ships, astronauts on planets, gaming shots or even magical unicorns.

Purposely sit down with your little loved one (or big teenager) and explain that they can have an epic wallpaper, but they must start to look after their bedroom a bit more. If they agree (which we’re sure they will) choose a wallpaper together. That means they’ll already be invested in the experience and are more likely to stick to the plan.

Buy a stunning wallpaper mural that won’t be outgrown by your child too quickly. If you want to remove the wallpaper with ease and without damaging the wall, choose peel and stick wallpaper. No paste is required and it means you can remove the wallpaper then replace it with a new one once your child is ready for a change.

Photographs of their loved ones

Number 3! Most adults love to surround their home with photographs of loved ones, special holidays and treasured memories. They instantly cheer you up when you see them and definitely make a house a home. So why not give your child that same warm and fuzzy feeling by putting up their favourite photos in their room?

Make it a bonding session by sitting down with your child and selecting their most loved photos. Go way back to when they were a baby up until now. Let them choose whichever ones that bring them joy. From photographs of their last birthday party, those silly selfies or even one of their pet hamster. It’s their choice and once again, instils the feeling that their bedroom isn’t only where they sleep and play. It’s rather their little sanctuary where they can relax and have quiet time after a difficult day.

If you and your child enjoy crafts, shop around local charity shops for second-hand wooden frames. Choose colourful paints and decorate the frames to your hearts’ content. Or, buy wall lights to hang across a wall in your child’s bedroom. Buy little pegs and clip on their favourite photographs onto the lights. This would make a great feature wall behind their bedhead.

A laundry basket

Number 4! Of course, it sounds an obvious way to get those dirty clothes straight into a laundry basket instead of on the floor. However, not all children have one in their bedroom.

It’s really important to have a laundry basket in their room so that they can start learning to throw their dirty garments into it rather than on the floor. We’re sure many of you already have one in your child’s bedroom and are still living with the pain of it not being used.

Well, why not make it fun? You can now buy a laundry basketball hoop. Your child can have fun throwing their dirty clothes into the basket. Do you think they would love this? Well, give it a go. This might be your solution so that you can say bye-bye to dirty clothes on the floor.

We hope that our top tips to keep your child’s bedroom tidy has given you the boost. Hopefully, it won’t be long before you can walk into their bedroom and do a victory dance because it’s so clean and pristine – bliss!

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