The perfect window treatment for every room

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Windows are one of the first details of a home to be noticed from the outside and with light streaming through them they command attention when visitors first enter a room. If you want to make an impression on people who come to your home, you should be making the most of your windows. In doing so, each room needs something a little bit different.

The living room

Living rooms are very flexible in terms of appearance, but they’re intended to be used as spaces where you can relax so you should choose shutters or curtains that let in plenty of light during the day and provide good insulation on winter nights. You may also want to allow room for plants on the sill, though keeping them on a narrow trestle table instead gives you more options.

The dining room

If you enjoy entertaining, you should aim for elegance in the dining room. Full height shutters like these or floor length curtains add to the impact of your windows. Opt for plain styles or ones with vertical lines to emphasise the height of the room. Wooden shutters or velvet curtains are good at absorbing sound during loud dinner parties.

The study

In the study you need a quiet atmosphere, privacy and good control over the ingress of light. Venetian blinds are a popular option but often become tangled with age. They are also difficult to keep free of dust and have a habit of rattling when the window is opened to let in some fresh air. Slatted shutters give you the same benefits without those problems and also help to keep the room at a steady temperature.

The master bedroom

If you’re somebody who sleeps better when it’s pitch dark, full panel shutters are perfect for the master bedroom. They also help to shut out noise and provide great insulation in winter, and of course they guarantee your privacy. Heavy curtains are an alternative option but if you choose these, don’t forget to add a pelmet or valance to keep light from leaking in at the top.

Children’s bedrooms

When it comes to children’s rooms, blinds don’t usually survive long and curtains tend to need to be replaced frequently when children change their minds about what they want. Here, full panel shutters are even more useful because they’re not only sturdy and insulating, they’re also easy to paint and repaint in accordance with children’s favourite themes.

The kitchen

In the kitchen you can’t afford to have fabric blowing around and creating a fire risk. Even fire-resistant curtains can create a hazard and tend to get stained quickly if you do serious cooking. Roman blinds are a safer option but can also be hard to keep clean. Folding shutters are fantastic as they don’t need too much room to open and can easily be wiped down.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, issues around damp and hygiene limit your choices. Damp-resistant curtains can work but if you want to make the most of natural light while protecting your privacy, nothing really beats café style shutters, which also add a note of elegance to even the most functional of spaces.

Well chosen window treatments bring put the best in your home and serve practical purposes into the bargain. They really deserve your attention.

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