Super Simple Table Settings for the Perfect Dinner Party

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We’ve all been there. Shopping done, food prepared, play-list sorted, outfit hanging on the wardrobe ready to throw on at the last minute. Feeling ahead of the game and pretty darn proud of ourselves, we then look at the dinner table and instantly feel deflated. How bored we can get at looking at the same old tablecloth and center piece.

The same tired table setting can be one of the trickiest parts of a dinner party to get right. But a gorgeous and unique table setting can make all the difference between a luxurious soiree and a plain and slightly shabby looking dinner. So here are our top super simple table settings to whizz your table from tired and boring into one fit for royalty.

Fresh & Zesty

Sometimes less is more. By just simply filling a glass bowl or vase full of oranges or lemons will instantly transform your tabletop and will add a zesty freshness to your dinner party.

Mix it Up

Play like the hipsters and mix and match your table setting. Why not go against the grain and mix floral tablecloths with leaves (yes handpicked from the garden) filled with gemstones. Or try tartan serviettes with a natural velvet ribbon runner to create interesting contrasts.


Yup, vintage is still ‘in’ and is showing no signs of going anywhere, anytime soon. So why not rustle through the cupboards and see what old jars and pots you have hanging around. Vintage bottles and old jars filled with simple fresh flowers will add a casual yet sophisticated edge to your evening.

Au Naturel

Why not try out a new natural scheme for your napkin rings and rustle up some interesting textures and colours. There are some fantastic, and really cost effective, napkin rings made from all sorts of materials these days, from bamboo to nautical rope, from seashells to kemp.

Unleash your Dark Side

Usually when we think of table settings we think light and fresh so why not surprise your guests by going to the dark side. Black tablecloths are actually incredibly easy to dress as everything placed on top creates a stark contrast. Asian food would go well with red crockery or decorations or if you’re serving up something delicate try decorating with minimalist flower centerpieces.

It’s all in the Ambience

We all know that a good dinner party is all in the details that go towards creating a relaxed ambience. Lighting is so key in order for guests to be able to unwind and feel indulged. So make sure lighting is low lit and of course candles are a must-have. Check out the gorgeous new range of Wiff candles, which would be a great addition to any dinner party.

Garden Flowers

There’s really no flower centerpiece more charming than one that comes directly from your own back garden. So put those pennies away, get those shears out and create your very own beautiful, understated bouquet feature.

Personalised Name Cards

If you’re having a large dinner party name cards are always a great idea. Want to be a little bit different? Why not stick personalised flags into zesty limes? Instant freshness for your dinner party guests.

However you choose to theme your dinner party, you should never be afraid to be a little bit different. Experiment and have fun reinventing your dinner party style with these super simple suggestions.

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