Styling Your Space: 6 Interior Design Ideas for Fashionistas

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Every fashionista appreciates beautiful designs, stunning fabrics, and attention to detail. Their love of high-quality design, therefore, extends from their clothing to their home, as each is a reflection of their style and personality.

If you view yourself as a trendsetter and want to create an attractive home that grabs people’s attention, you will want to read the best tips on how to effectively style your space. Here are six interior design ideas for fashionistas.

  1. A Walk-in Wardrobe

Top of your interior design bucket list will more than likely be a walk-in wardrobe. After all, what fashionista doesn’t dream of a room dedicated to their love of fashion? It’s the ultimate way to store your clothes, play with different looks, and showcase your clothing, accessories and footwear. You should, therefore, invest in customisable fitted wardrobes in London from Capital Bedrooms, which come with a 10-year guarantee.

  1. Décor to Match Your Style

Your interior design should be an extension of your personal style and personality. To do so, decorate your home using colours, patterns and textures that reflect your wardrobe. It will help to bring your love of fashion to life and create a beautiful space you will truly love.

  1. Hang Artwork

As you are more than likely aware, many of the world’s finest fashion designers are inspired by beautiful works of art. After all, fashion and artwork are almost intertwined, as one can influence the other and both are subjective. Fashion lovers can express their passion for design and colour by hanging striking works of art. For example, those who appreciate Avant Garde fashion could hang surrealism artwork, which will reflect their love of experimental designs.

  1. Avoid Following Interior Design Trends

A true fashion lover understands the importance of not following trends, as it’s their job to carve their own style. The same attitude should apply to your home’s interior design. After all, this season’s trend will be out of date by next year. Ditch the fads and focus on creating a beautiful, stylish, and timeless space, which will continue to have the wow factor year after year.

  1. Create Texture by Displaying Your Jewellery

Beautiful accessories deserve to be seen, so they shouldn’t be hidden away in jewellery boxes for them to get tangled and forgotten about. Not only will displaying the items allow you to showcase your favourite pieces, but it can also add personality and depth to your room. Any friend who comes into your bedroom will be able to see how good your taste is.

  1. Use Your Favourite Fashion Brands as Colour Inspiration

Most fashion lovers will have preferred fashion brands. Showcase your love for the pioneering retailer within your room’s colour theme. For example, if you love Tiffany & Co., then you should decorate your bedroom, bathroom or living room in their famous Tiffany Blue hue. It’s a distinctive shade that most people will instantly associate with the brand, so your colour will be synonymous with its elegance and style.

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