It’s All About Light And Shade…

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A lot of people view the garden as a place for solace, peace, and quiet, and somewhere to go and relax, but that’s people who have an abundance of space and already have a garden that looks fantastic. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have the money or the time, but some people don’t have one thing, the sunlight. If you have just moved into a house and are wondering about what you can do to make the most of your garden despite the lack of, or limited light, let’s get this sorted. Summer is coming fast, and you may as well make the space as best as you can in as quick as possible.

Firstly, you need to make the most of the shade. Out in the heat, certain plants will wilt, and you won’t get any benefits. And while the sun is great for so many things, it’s not great for a lot of your gardening equipment. If you suffer sweltering summers, then make the most of getting a storage space and putting it in the shade. You can get sheds for cheap enough, and on sites like ILikeSheds, you can see there’s plenty of styles and options to go for. And, while you can see steel sheds, they don’t fare well in the heat. A wooden shed will keep everything inside nice and cool while also keeping them dry.

Next, think about what plants you want. Certain plants thrive in the shade, while others need more sunlight than others. So, depending on how little space you have for the sun to get it, you need to be sensible with your choice of plants. If your house is south facing, you will get about 12 hours of sunlight every day, so perennials or shrubs will do well. West-facing walls will benefit broadleaf evergreens as the sun will get in from noon until sunset, and the north-facing walls pose the biggest problem with growing any plants, but annuals and perennials will work okay. The east-facing walls tend to get the right mixture of light and shade so you can plant a variety of flowers without any issue.

Once you’ve got your plants, that will add a lot of color, but in the shade, everything can still look a bit drab, especially the grass. So it’s important to fertilize the grass on a regular basis to keep it looking thick and healthy. And if you plan on having people around for garden parties, the simplest solution is to get some lamps and candles to add color and brightness. While shade can be an issue for the plants and the grass, it doesn’t need to be a drab garden, and you can make the most of the websites like Freecycle where items are being given away for little to no cost. The character of a garden isn’t dependent on sunlight for it to thrive, but by adding clever dashes of color here and there, it will be a bright space regardless of how little sun shines.

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