Is now a good time to get a new car?

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The loosening of the coronavirus lockdown means that car dealerships across the country are finally able to throw open their doors – albeit with all of the obvious precautions in force. If you’re like most people, you might not have driven anywhere for months on end. You might have been using the time to reflect on your motoring behaviour, or you might have been dreaming of a specific change of vehicle.

But if you’re planning a new car, is now a good time to upgrade? Let’s take a look at the variables.

Road trips

Just because you’re able to travel for pleasure doesn’t mean that we’re back to normal. A trip overseas, obviously, is still off the cards. As such, many brits will be taking domestic ‘staycations’. With the help of the right vehicle, you’ll be able to go on a long road-trip.

Money in the Bank

Many of us will have been able to save a little bit of money over the course of the lockdown. With social opportunities reduced to near zero, most Brits have been managing to save money, even if they’ve been bringing less of it in.

Excellent Choices

While you’d be forgiven for missing them, a whole slew of exciting new vehicles hit the market in 2020. Among these are entirely electric cars, which are becoming almost as popular as their petrol and diesel equivalents. With that said, the traditional ICE market still has an enormous amount to offer, and thus it’s not perhaps yet the right time for some motorists to make the switch. For example, the latest Quashqai is available from ZenAuto, and comes with a roomy interior and a distinctly chunky-looking exterior, making it a great fit for those long road trips to the more far-flung parts of the country.

Contactless Delivery

Among the precautions we’ve already mentioned is contactless delivery. This ensures that you’ll be able to receive a new vehicle without having to deal with the risk of actually coming into contact with strangers. You can either click and collect via an online service, or you can arrange for contactless delivery.

Better Deals

The lockdown has suppressed demand in the motor industry, with sales of petrol and diesel vehicles slumping by 90% in May, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. This means that dealerships are going to be pretty desperate to offload some of their cars, especially just before the number-plates change over on the 1st of September (when bargains are traditionally to be found). As such, if you’re able to do your research and negotiate firmly, you may find that you’re able to secure yourself a bargain.

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