Interesting ways you can redesign your bedroom

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Updating your bedroom doesn’t just mean giving it a clean and swapping the furniture around, there are plenty of other ways you can transform your room and turn it into the bedroom you’ve always wanted. Read on for some interesting ways you can redesign your bedroom.

Consider a graffiti commission

If you’re looking to transform your bedroom and create a unique reflection of your personality and style, then why not commission a graffiti artist to create a distinctive feature wall? This on-trend approach to unique interior design can have photorealistic images, realism styles, or abstract designs, strikingly brought to life on wallpaper, as eye-catching decals or even as a complete mural design. Interested? Discover some of the best graffiti artists in London via the link to start discussing your ideas.

Transform your window dressings

If your current window dressings are old and tired, then they’re already letting your space down. Window dressings should complement your room and add to the ambience, whether you’re trying to create a relaxing and intimate atmosphere or design somewhere that specifically reflects your personality. You can easily transform your window dressings with a new set of curtains, adding ties or tassels, or even giving your blinds a good clean!

Remove anything that doesn’t belong

As our bedrooms are often tucked away from the rest of the home, and from the prying eyes of visitors, they often become dumping grounds for unwanted items and junk. Editing your bedroom and removing anything that doesn’t belong there or anything you don’t love, is quick, easy and free!

Focus on lighting

Natural light is incredibly important in any bedroom space, but when the sun goes down and night sets in, you’re going to need a strong array of lighting solutions to keep your bedroom a practical yet relaxing space. Bedside lamps are a must in any room – if you’re on a budget, consider purchasing a pair from a charity shop and fitting new shades. You could also use light to decorate your room with twinkling fairy lights and LED candles, for an intimate and ornate solution. Many bedrooms have a single overhead bulb in the middle of the room – this creates shadows and makes the room look gloomy and tired, so consider illuminating the darker areas of the room with standing lamps.

Reframe your bed

Bed frames can be expensive, so replacing them isn’t always a possibility. However, updating your current headboard can instantly transform your bed and the look and feel of your bedroom. The right headboard can complement your chosen style of bedroom and thankfully, it’s a quick and cheap alternative to a new bed. You could update it with a metal solution, or a wide, fabric winged option. Your bed has the potential to be a strong and inviting focal point, so don’t forget to update your bedding too.

And finally, don’t neglect the ceiling

It’s easy to get swept up in designing your bedroom surroundings, however, if you want to alter the look and feel of your room, then you shouldn’t neglect your ceiling. Your bedroom might be a plush paradise, but when you’re laid in bed, looking up at a tired, dated popcorn ceiling, it’s going to affect your overall design. Updating your ceiling will help bring the room together nicely.

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