How to Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

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With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start getting your garden ready for the warmest months of the year. There is nothing better than relaxing in your own backyard during summer whether this is with a good book or socialising with friends/family. Here are a few steps to take to get your garden spruced up for summer.


The winter months can leave the garden looking a little bit like a rubbish tip, so the first stage involves removing any debris and generally tidying the area.

Mowing the Lawn

Once the lawn is cleared you can cut the grass which will immediately make the garden look much more inviting. If you do not have a high-quality lawn mower then places like SGS Engineering are the best places to shop. During this stage, you should also try to get rid of any weeds and think about adding flowers to bring in colour and life.

Trimming the Hedges

Similarly, trimming the hedges back can make the garden look much tidier and less wild after the harsh winter months.

Fresh Paint

Any wooden parts of the backyard can look worn after months of bad weather, so it is a good idea to treat these surfaces and then provide a fresh coat of paint. This can give the entire backyard a lift and make the area much neater especially if you have a perimeter fence.

Social Area

One of the best parts of summer is socialising in the garden with friends/family. To get this area ready you will want to clean the patio, clean/replace your garden furniture and tidy up the BBQ. If you haven’t already, outdoor lighting can be a nice idea as this allows you to continue enjoying being outside once the sun goes down.

Tidy Out the Shed

It is very easy for a garden shed to get out of control when all you ever do is put items inside. Just before the arrival of summer, it is a great opportunity to completely clean out the shed and throw out anything that you don’t need. This can make a big difference to how you feel about the shed and give you much more space.

Decorative Touches

Finally, you will want to add some personality with decorative touches. This could include garden ornaments, toys for the kids, lawn games, candles, a water feature, streamers etc.

Summer is fast approaching so it is important that homeowners now start to get their garden ready so that they can maximise time out here during the warmer months of the year. The above are the main steps that you need to take to get your garden ready for the summer months and will help to create an attractive, functional and fun space to spend time.

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