How To Add More Functionality To Your Kitchen When You Remodel

KitchenKitchen remodelling is a fantastic way of adding value to your home and introducing more style and function into the space. This is the ideal opportunity for you to upgrade your appliances, add storage and create a natural flow into your kitchen. No matter what it’s size is. Use this guide to help you design and create a kitchen that is enjoyable to socialise, cook and entertain in.

Positioning is key

If you often find that you have to walk more than you need to in your current kitchen, then it’s likely that your positioning is off. Your oven may be too far away from an available work surface, or your sink may be located in the wrong place in comparison to your utensil drawer. So to eliminate these unnecessary steps, you need to carefully consider the design of your kitchen layout. A professional kitchen designer should be able to help you do this with ease if you are unsure. Walk around the space and determine when cabinets and appliances could be placed to maximise functionality. You may have to change the entire layout of your kitchen or downsize some of your appliances to make it work. For instance if you currently have a large oven, you could consider smaller electric ovens instead which take up less room. You may also have to rethink the current storage position of your kitchen items such as plates, glasses and pans to enhance the flow.

Add an island

If you have sufficient space to work with an island could be a wonderful addition to your kitchen. They add an extra surface to your kitchen which can also be used as a breakfast bar, cooking station and house some of your appliances. Cookers and sinks can easily be installed into island units giving you more space elsewhere. They can also provide you with drawers and shelving for your kitchen accessories. They come in many different sizes and styles so ask an expert to help you find one that will work with the space you have available. You need there to be enough room to easily walk around and keep it a safe distance away from your cooker.

Plan space for your doors

When cooking your cupboard and appliance doors will constantly be opening and closing. So to make them more functional, plan enough space for each appliance and cabinet can open easily. You ideally want all the doors to open in the same direction to avoid damage if opened at the same time. You also want the appliance doors to open fully without being stopped by overhanging worktops and cabinets. Always take plenty of measurements to ensure all the doors and drawers in your kitchen have plenty of clearance before you install them.

With these ideas in mind, you should have no trouble creating a space that is more functional all round. Carefully consider what your current kitchen is lacking and areas you can improve on when you remodel. Safety should always be a priority in a kitchen so make sure your new design has plenty of safety features and considerations included.

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