You’d love to remodel your home every single season. You lust after the fabulous homes of the rich and famous. Trouble is, your budget is far from what the Kardashians are working with.

Fortunately for you, help is on hand. Here we take a look at four of the hottest interior trends for spring/summer 2018 – sharing our tips for budget-hacking your way to a totally on-trend home.

  1. Light, textured wood floors

Reddish wood floors are out, light and lovely texturized flooring is in, in, in. While you could opt for laminate and fake it ‘til you make it, let’s face it – when comparing hardwood flooring to laminate, the difference in quality is like night and day.

The only problem with hardwood is the cost. Demanding between $8 to $14 per square foot, as well as another $4 – $8 per square foot on top for professional installation, it’s far from cheap.

The answer? Bamboo flooring. Coming in at between $3 and $5 per square foot, bamboo flooring boasts endless tones and textures, and as a bonus is super-easy to install (so you can forget about paying those professionals, and Do It Yourself instead). And the advantages of bamboo flooring don’t stop there, either. With impressive green credentials, this form of flooring is as purse-friendly as it is planet-friendly.

  1. Rise of the Vegan Home

Taking the planet-loving vibe even further, spring/summer will see an uprising of ‘vegan homes’. Building on the greenhouse-inspired interior design direction (which remains totally on-trend), the vegan home will feature natural materials, plenty of houseplants, woven textures, eco-friendly paint and cruelty-free rugs made from jute, cotton and Polypropylene Frisee (which are going to look great on that brand-new bamboo floor of yours!).

This trend isn’t just destined for the homes of the 16 million US veggie and vegans either, as this ethical vibe is already making waves in the most prestigious of Los Angeles homes.

  1. Concrete in Unexpected Places

From fireplaces to walls, bathtubs to countertops, concrete is set to push out the plusher materials of granite and marble. This trend will be especially effective when used to contrast against antique furniture and traditional furnishings, or teamed with complementary contemporary fixtures. As for the best bit? Concrete is just about the cheapest material to work with when it comes to home improvements.

  1. The Kitchen: Vivid Colors Will Be the Flavor of The Spring/Summer Months

The key ingredient in the kitchen for the warmer months will be wallpaper-style back splashes featuring bright colors and contrasts (black and white being a particular favorite).

As for the priceyou can find very economical materials on the market if you’re looking to buy you a length of 15-foot  splash back. Now that’s a renovation.

 With that colorful splash, our budget-friendly interior tips draw to a close – remodeling on meagre means has never been so easy. Now you can forget about keeping up with the Kardashians, with these interior-hacks, you’re going to be rivalling their interior style in no time at all.

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