Don’t Live Like Sardines – How You Can Create More Space In Your Home

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Do you and your family all feel the pinch when you are at home? As your family grows, your home won’t be growing with you all, unfortunately. And that means that you might one day start to feel quite cramped and short of space in a home that you had originally thought was extremely roomy. But don’t worry; you don’t have to think of moving out and buying a bigger, more expensive, house. Not just yet, anyway! There are plenty of ways you can create some more space in your house. Just follow some of these simple steps.

Get An Extension

If you want a bit more floor space in your kitchen or an upstairs bedroom, you could always consider getting an extension added onto your property. The extension can be added to both floors or just the one. Usually, most people have them added onto the back of their home, although, you may be able to have one on the side if you live in a detached or semi-detached house. If you are considering an extension, find out which building companies in your local area and find out if their team of industry professionals produce build estimates for the commercial and domestic sectors.


Convert Your Attic

Another great way to get a bit more floor space is to convert your attic. If you are just using it for storage at the minute, look through everything that is up there and see if you can chuck anything out. Once you have cleared everything out, see what works need to be done to get it up to a good quality for a bedroom. You might have to get a new floor put in and will no doubt have to redecorate. Speak to a carpenter about adding a proper staircase. After all, you won’t want to continually pull down a ladder every time you want to get into the newly converted bedroom!

Open Up Your Entryway

One of the areas in our home that we usually forget about is the entry way. Most people who have a small hall or passageway simply use it as an area to store their coats and shoes. However, removing this clutter and opening up the entryway can really help to make the area seem a lot larger and roomier than what it actually is. How exactly should you open the area up? You just need to remove all the clutter from it. Why not put your coats and shoes under the stairs? You could also decorate this area in pale shades, which can help lighten up the space and create a sense of space.

Use Mirrors

This tip is mentioned all the time when it comes to suggesting ways to make houses feel bigger. And that is because it works so well! Use mirrors to create an illusion of space – it’s as simple as that! Hang them on as many walls as possible to open up each and every room. They also help add more light to rooms, which can also help them feel spacious.

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