5 Tips for Making Your Interior Look More Vibrant

Photo Credit: Mikhail Nilov via www.pexels.com

The popularity of grey in the modern interiors is on the rise. While it is a great neutral colour that matches almost every piece of furniture and decor, too much of it can make the room feel uninviting and cold. Minimalistic looks can benefit from a few small additions to make them comfier and in tune with your personality. How to make your interior design look more vibrant? Here are the top five tips.

Say Goodbye to Dull Items

If you are going to make your rooms feel more bright and welcoming, first you need to make space for the new items that will do that job. Get rid of the pieces of decor that in your eyes don’t add much to the vibe of the room and just add to your cleaning. Dull, unnecessary items won’t do much for you if your goal is a vibrant interior, so gift them to those that might want them or sell them. Take a day out and dedicate it to moving unnecessary things out. No more outdated or cluttered rooms in your home.

Lookout for Statement Pieces

Sometimes, all you need to do to make your interior design vibrant is to add a centrepiece, a focal point to a space. If you have bare and boring walls, you might be interested in purchasing a colourful painting, or posters for room bimago.co.uk/posters/room-ideas.html. A dramatic mirror might do the trick as well. Look for an item that will draw attention and add warmth to the room at the same time. Other statement pieces worth exploring are chandeliers or vintage furniture.

Use Contrast and Light to Your Advantage

Lighting can be another way to improve the look of your interiors. A room might feel not vibrant enough because the lighting inside it is insufficient. This is extremely important in spaces where there is limited access to sunlight. Buy a funky lamp or LED strips and see how the ambience of the room changes instantly. Consider creating some creative effects using lighting fixtures. And what about some colourful candles? Maybe they will be suitable for your interiors. Also, if the view is bad, put plants or flowers near the windows and use lamps to liven up the space.

A Change in Colour Palette

The colours you use have a massive difference in regard to how vibrant it feels. Think of pairing two complementary colours together, pale blush and gold, turquoise and nude, lavender with silver, the possibilities are endless. You can repaint your walls, but a few colourful accessories can also deliver the same results.

Don’t Forget About the Floor

One of the easiest ways to change the look of a space and make it more vibrant is to change the carpet in the living room for one with a strong pattern or colour scheme. Your living room should be a place that you can’t wait to come home to, and a carpet might change its ambience to a more homey one, so why not give it a try?


Now you know what to do to liven up your space and make it look brighter. No matter what your budget is, you can create this new, vibrant reality for your house if you take the time out to look for affordable items and decorations and do enough research beforehand.

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