5 Home Décor Tips to Achieve a Serene Home

Photo Credit: Vincent Rivaud via www.pexels.com

Did you know that a stressful environment can kill your brain cells while a peaceful one promotes their growth?

Whenever you associate a place, building, or a room with stressful memories you automatically get anxious. That’s why, it’s important to revamp your surroundings to foster a natural tranquil ambiance. Here, we take you through five decor tips to help create a serene home.

  1. Select a Soothing Colour Scheme

Research carried out on a group of college students ascertained that colour has psychological effects on individuals. The most important thing you should realise about colours is how they affect our emotional and mental response. The less saturated a colour, the more greyish it is.

Therefore, to improve the ambiance of your room, selecting a correct colour palette is essential. To achieve a serene home, focus on getting the right ratio of saturation and brightness. These colour ratios help enhance the atmosphere of the room making it feel more comfortable and amicable. Play around with the palette and adjust the tones to your preference.

  1. Create Good Lighting

When it comes to designing a serene home, ensure that you’re getting sufficient lighting. The value of natural light is crucial to enhancing the ambiance of the room. A good light source causes a space to glow. This can be hard to achieve with inadequate lighting. Lack of vitamin D can contribute to depression and low productivity. Therefore, it’s imperative to provide the quality source of natural lighting in your room.

Windows, sky roofs, and mirrors are great ways of enhancing the amount of natural light your room gets. A warm looking environment creates a soothing atmosphere.

You may find the use of artificial light sources to be useful especially in the absence of natural light. Dimmers and lampshades can make your room serene. Replace old bulbs with newer smart home versions. Smart bulbs can adjust their hues and colours to your liking. They also don’t overheat or cause you discomfort. Their mild temperatures create a pleasant space while saving energy.

  1. Create Serene Spaces

Adhering to a functional design helps make the space look aesthetic and calm. Knowing where to locate your necessities with ease can be a stress reliever during high tension situations. For example, you may have misplaced your keys countless times. In this case, adapting to a design that helps you know where everything is will save you the stress of getting anxious. When you’re creating a serene space, you’ll need to feel as though your home is in sync with you.

For example, coffee lovers can consider neatly arranging some mugs conveniently near the coffee maker. This saves you the time of digging through the pile of utensils as you rush for work. Also, neat drawers and closets reduce clutter while appropriately sized furniture overhauls the space layout of your room. Always ensure to utilise the space for their intended purpose. Squeezing a couch against the corner looks chaotic. Create a pleasing serene environment with aesthetic themes and layouts.

  1. Discard Clutter and Organise

Roughly 80% of the clutter in our homes is often caused by disorganisation. Also, in a chaotic environment, your energy flow gets disrupted. It is necessary to organise and declutter frequently. Hiring a professional interior decorator and organiser can help uplift the condition of your place.

Reduce clutter by getting rid of the items you don’t need. When you reduce clutter you will have fewer things to worry about. Plus, it makes it easier to locate essential items in times of urgency.

Spruce up the layout of your room by placing a few drawers to neatly arrange your items. Use cloth hangers to organise your shirts, trousers, jeans, blazers, and jackets neatly in your closet. Shoes should be neatly placed inside a shoe rack. And, books, magazines, and catalogs into a stylish bookshelf. In addition, gather your favourite photos together by creating a photo wall. Most importantly visit https://www.photowall.co.uk/wallpaper for more tips on how to match your picture wall to your home décor.

  1. Enlarge and Utilize Spaces Properly

Cramped up spaces are hard to relax in and can contribute to claustrophobia. Create a spacious environment and utilise open-spaced layouts. Confined areas obstruct your movement and inhibit your mind. By giving yourself enough breathing room you open up channels in your mind. Wide windows, transparent doors, and half walls don’t obstruct your vision and instead create the illusion of grand space. This facilitates a vibrant and serene surrounding. I recommend adding some mosaic paintings, natural plants, and carpet to enhance the visuals.


When it comes to creating an ideal serene home, adhering to favourable decor tips can boost the overall impression of your room and ambiance. Ensure to mix and match the various suggestions according to your preference.

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