5 Helpful Tips for Properly Cleaning Your Kitchen

As the kitchen is one of the most used rooms within the home, it can quickly and easily get dirty, messy and cluttered. If neglected, the tasks and challenges will soon accumulate, which can reduce its aesthetic appeal and function, while creating an unhygienic space for all the family. It can also make you want to avoid cooking altogether!

However, a few little tweaks to your lifestyle can help you to enjoy a clean and practical kitchen all week long. With that in mind, here are five helpful tips for properly cleaning your kitchen.

  1. Master the Basics Every Day

If you do not have much time to deep clean your kitchen every day, you should at least master the basics. This means washing and drying dishes, wiping down surfaces and cleaning the floor. The basic chores will help to maintain a relatively clean kitchen until you have the time to scrub it from top to bottom.

  1. Clean Your Home for At Least 20 Minutes Each Day

All it might take is as little as 20 minutes to clean your kitchen properly each day if you live in a two-person household. This should provide you with enough time to efficiently wash and dry the dishes, mop the floor, wipe the surfaces and the hob and ensure everything is neat and tidy.

It might be helpful to break the tasks up throughout the day if you are stuck for time, however. For example, you could clean for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes after dinner each day.

  1. Avoid Distractions While Cleaning

You might think 20 minutes will be enough to clean your kitchen, but a buzzing phone, ringing doorbell or talkative children can quickly eat into your to-do list and, before you know it, you have minimal time to spruce up your cabinets, crockery, and surfaces.

You should, therefore, try to avoid distractions when cleaning your kitchen. So, turn off your smartphone or ask the kids to play in their bedrooms to make the room look as good as new.

  1. Arrange for an Annual Deep Clean

Try to set aside one day a year to truly clean your kitchen so that you can scrub every nook and cranny in your cupboards, oven or sink. If this sounds like your idea of hell, you could always arrange for professional kitchen deep cleaning services to add a little sparkle into your home. Plus, a regular deep clean can improve the efficiency and longevity of your kitchen gadgets. What’s more, it can reduce the risk of contamination so that it can protect yours and your loved ones’ health.

  1. Get the Whole Family Involved in the Cleaning Process

It is essential that your partner and children understand the level of effort it takes to create a fresh, hygienic and organised kitchen. That is why you should get the whole clan involved in the cleaning process. Encourage the kids to scrape their dinner plates into the rubbish bin and to clean up their own mess on the kitchen worktops. Doing so will help you to stay on top of the essential chores so that you can maintain a functional, clean space every day of the week.

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