3 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying a Sofa

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Ask these three questions, both to you and to others, before choosing a sofa or sofas to decorate your home or giving it a makeover. 

Sofas are the quintessential elements of a home, along with many business places. They are the principal furniture in a living room, but can also be found lying around in the bedroom, in a hallway, in the office. They offer multiple functionalities, after all, with comfort being the ever-present element.

So, when it comes to buying a sofa or a whole set, it deserves some time and thoughts on your part to get it right. There is also the added challenge of choosing the best-looking one, especially when each design offers equal sophistication, practicality, and panache; as seen in the collection of Poliform contemporary sofa.

Anyways, we have managed to confine all the different aspects of a comprehensive sofa buying guide in three key questions below. Let’s read on!

What Do I Need a Sofa for?

Everyone has a sofa in their home, don’t they? But the chances are not everyone uses it for the same purposes. Sofas are also designed for various different purposes – to be placed on an entire secluded living island, for a compact and cozy living space, for a bedroom or office corner, for a waiting area or shopping outlets, etc.

As you try to answer this most fundamental question, you would know how much time you spend sitting on it, laying it, working on it, etc. It would also lead you to think about how frequently guests visit you, or how many people you usually need to entertain on your sofa.

As sofas are usually large and bulky, they are also going to be the dominant factor of any of your settings. So carefully consider the stylistic needs you want to fulfil with your new sofa.

What Parameters Do I Have? 

As you may know, modern sofas come in various shapes and sizes. The size and the stylistic choices for a large space may not be suitable for a compact living room. Then, there is also the integration of its shape with the other furniture in your home. The design of your home – whether contemporary or traditional – is another key thing to consider.

Therefore, the best way to find the most perfect sofa is to actually measure the space, analyse the key elements like furniture, décor, colours, and natural lights of your entire space, and then look for the best fit. Also, don’t forget to consider your budget.

Are My Sofas Comfortable?

Of course, your sofa must be comfortable and provide you a refuge to relax and re-energise. It is therefore right to make a consideration that not each sofa comes with the same sitting arrangements – both in terms of the backrest and the seat. Comfortability questions may also include an array of different aspects such as the finest materials, topmost designers, longevity, flexibility, and so on.

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