10 Ways to Make Your Home Look Like it’s from the Future

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Who doesn’t want to live in the future? Flying cars, clean homes, and pretty much anything that you touch is perfect. Well, the future might not be that far away, and you can actually start introducing the future in your home little by little.

The best part is that some of the things that will go over aren’t even that expensive with some of them being around or less than £50.

So, let’s go over our ten favourite gadgets you can install to make your home more futuristic.

1. Swap your current faucet for automatic sensor ones.

You’ve been at the mall. They have had automatic faucets for years and they’re an amazing way to make your bathroom and kitchen feel a bit more modern and even save you some money from your water bill.

While they can seem like a bit of an investment at the beginning, sensor faucets are a great investment that will pay out in the long run.

2. Change the LED bulbs around your home with smart bulbs.

While LED bulbs are a great way to save money, smart LED bulbs are an awesome way to make your home feel a bit more modern and have the feature to change the type of lightning in your home based on the time of day.

Yup, some of them are quite expensive, especially the Samsung ones. Yet, don’t forget that almost all come with a lifetime guarantee and it’s more of a set it and forget type of investment.

3. Get a vacuum robot instead of a cleaner for your home.

What’s better than having a weekly cleaner to come and tidy up your place? A robot vacuum that will do it over the years for free. Truth is, a Roomba isn’t that much of financial investment, yet having something to go around your house while you’re not at home and cleaning up after you is kind of futuristic, you have to admit it.

4. Place multiple smart speakers around your home.

Imagine your computer tell you the weather while you’re tying your shoes at the door. Or, having a note taken just while your next big idea hits you in the bathroom.Well, it’s not like it’s impossible. Installing three or four smart speakers in your home can allow you to have all the information you may need from the internet just a phrase away. And it’s not even that expensive, with small Google speakers retailing at around £100.

5. Place a smart mirror in your bathroom.

Okay, now we are speaking future. A smart mirror is one of the coolest pieces of tech that you can invest in. But just installing a smart mirror isn’t enough. Utilising sleek futuristic design concepts in your bathroom to tie the look and they’re right.

So, what’s cooler than brushing your teeth and watching the morning news at the same time?

6. Replace your old mattress with a heated one.

This one will be appreciated by people living in places where the winters are absolutely freezing. While the UK has its own cold winters, having a cosy bed to go in is probably the best thing after a long day.

And what’s better than a mattress that heats up before you go to bed and going in an already warm bed? That’s right, nothing.

7. Get some Wi-Fi kitchen appliances.

While this one is a bit expensive, it’s an awesome thing to think of if you’re just buying kitchen appliances for your home. Wi-Fi controlled kitchen appliances are great because you can come home to a freshly cooked dinner, or skip the annoying sound of the washing machine.

Is it worth it? We say it is.

8. Smart air conditions.

Although a lot of new air conditions come already equipped with this function, investing in a smart AC can help with cutting down the electricity bill cost.

Instead of leaving the AC on while you’re not at home during the exhaustingly hot UK summer, you can turn it on through your phone just as you’re leaving the office and come to a nicely cooled home half an hour later.

9. Install smart locks.

Smart locks are a great way to remove an extra hassle in your daily life — namely the “Did I lock the door when I left this morning?”.

On top of self-locking, you can use your smartphone or a card to unlock your home. You can also remotely unlock your phone and grant access to your guests or family while you’re not at home via the app.

10. And don’t forget to get an oil diffuser to make your home smell amazing.

The smell is one of the most important things when you’re trying to create your brand new house feel like home.

Oil diffusers are a pretty inexpensive investment and they’re a great way to set in a nice scent in your home or just set a mood.

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