The Food Stork

Chocolate Brownies

Photography by Rebecca Bernstein

The original maternity food delivery service.  The Food Stork, to put it simply, is really rather genius; a must for all new mums.

Those days after birth are crucial in keeping your body healthy and packed full of vitamins, however the last thing you or your partner probably want to do is cook. But thanks to The Food Stork, you can have home-cooked meals delivered to your door.

Fleur Sladen, the founder of The Food Stork, came up with the idea after helping he sister and brother-in-law with the cooking after the birth of their first child. All dishes have been developed to provide new mums with plenty of nutrients that will help replenish and nurture their well-being after childbirth.

We think the food boxes make a fabulous alternative gift from friends and family. Beautifully packaged and clearly labeled, each dish is made for two people sharing, and all meals can be stored in your fridge or freezer.  There are even tasty treats on the menu, including some chocolate brownies that are to die for.

Simply visit, place your order, and your box of food will be delivered within a minimum of 48 hours.

Gift Boxes start at £40.00 (plus delivery).  To place an order, please call 01386 858701 or email:

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