ParamountParamount restaurant, the stylishly chic restaurant and bar with sweeping and spectacular 360-degree views across central London, recently launched their innovative / inventive Foraged Menu. Inspired by fresh, seasonal British fare, each dish is carefully crafted by head chef Krysztof Zachweija, renowned for his modern European dishes and reinventing British and French classics. Priced at £70, the menu offers 4 courses set in beautiful surroundings with unparalleled views and is available until the 24th November.

StyleNest recently went to put the newly launched Foraged menu to the test. Stepping out of the elevator on the 31st floor of Centre Point at Tottenham Court Road, we immediately soaked up the chic interiors and buzzy atmosphere whilst an attentive waiter took our coats and showed us to the bar.

A Thursday evening and the place is buzzing with businessmen, young couples and groups of friends enjoying post work cocktails. If you want to impress a first date, here’s where to take them.

Whilst we waited for our table by the window, we perused the extensive cocktail menu and decided on a Rosebud Fizz – a sweet, fizzy and frothy concoction made from Rosebud infused Bols Genever, Yoghurt liqueur, fresh lemon juice, rose syrup, egg white and topped with soda. Blown away by the exhilarating views we looked straight down Oxford street, watching hurried people shopping and Christmas lights glittering as the evening darkened.

We were soon shown to our table, perfectly situated by the window with breathtaking views overlooking the city, grade listed buildings lit up and nestled between towering sky scrapers and roads beginning to glitter and crawl with lights.

Our attentive waiter talked us through the Foraged menu and recommended the pinot noir. We were soon presented with our first course, the Pressed Hare & Pheasant Terrine with Marinated Pheasant Egg, Hawthorn Berry & Rosehip Jelly, Ground Ivy and Wild Borage Flower (picked by the chef himself).

The terrine was rough, chunky and substantial, the way a terrine should be.

Next came our fish course; Seared Hand Dived Scallop with Dublin Bay Prawn, Hay Baked Mackerel, Razor Clam, Wild Sea Beets, Gutweed and Sandworth. Beautifully presented, the dish was an array of flavours topped with seaweed, a sort of hay and froth. The scallop and razor clam were both divine, although the prawn was hard work and we suggest not attempting to eat the hay as it turns out it is purely decorative.

Finally we were presented with our main course, Seared Yorkshire Venison, Venison Ragoût, Pied de Bleu & Pied de Mouton Mushrooms, Crispy Moss, Douglas Fir Pine Oil & Birch Jus. This course was by far our favourite and the venison was undoubtedly one of the finest venisons I’ve ever had – if not the best – with beautifully pink, tender and juicy meat and accompanied by a separate pan of rich ragout, almost a meal in itself.

To top it all off we were presented with a dessert of Forest Blackberry Beignet, Crabapple Compote, and Pine Ice Cream. The beignet were like miniature doughnut balls spaced out between small scoops of refreshing and creamy pine ice cream and tangy blackberries.

Each meal was perfectly timed so as to leave enough space between each course and two hours flew by leaving us feeling comfortably full and satisfied, and eager to come back.

With four delicious and adventurous courses with 360 unparalleled views of London at £70, this tasting experience is worth the price and we hope this Foraged menu comes back again soon.

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