South Kengsiton Club- Iddu Cafe' - Food and Interior Photography

South Kengsiton Club- Iddu Cafe’ – Food and Interior Shoot

The perfect fusion of restaurant and café, Iddu brings the heart, soul and flavours of Sicily to the doorsteps of South Kensington.

Owner of Knightsbridge cafe Maria Vanna and London’s newest private members club, The South Kensington Club (next door), Luca Del Bono founded Iddu as a tribute to his own Sicilian family roots. This inspiration can be seen and sensed in every element of the café, from the azure coloured interiors to the charming Italian accents of its waiting staff.

It is no wonder that this part-café part-restaurant has become a favourite of locals, Italian nationals and foodies. The coffee is sensational, and instantly you can taste that it is unique. The manager, Andrea Bassi kindly gives us the history whilst we order our second in a row – the beans are specially imported from the north-east of Sicily and the machine they use is a bespoke combination of a popular model from the 60’s enhanced by modern technology. The outcome, however it is brewed, is delicious.

The breakfast menu is a combination of healthy selections and fresh Sicilian flavours. The incorporation of superfoods and nutrients is probably down to the influence that head chef Francesca D’Amico has in the kitchen. For the past two years she has worked at many of London’s famed restaurants, and it is clear to see that her time at Chelsea’s The Good Life Eatery has influenced her style of cuisine and use of ingredients.

To start, a basket containing an intriguing mixture of spelt focaccia, kamut grain, seeded wholemeal, rye and gluten free breads is served with a fresh Sicilian marmalade that tastes of sunshine. The breads are soft and wholesome, just as they should be.

Main options include tapas style creamy avocado and mixed seeds on moist cake-like rye bread, virtuous egg white frittata, eggs any style and homemade granolas embedded with chia seeds, dried fruit and nuts, served alongside fresh fruits and your choice of soy, almond or dairy milk. For those wanting something baked, the counter top is jewelled with croissants, cookies and good-looking Italian pastries and cakes.

To cleanse the palette there is a delightful cocktail, Sicilian wine and fresh juice menu. Juices are provided from Del Bono’s own cold pressed juice brand South Juices and The Alkaliser was a palatable combination of citrus greens. The cocktails have even taken a “healthy” influence, with options such as hot tomato vodka, cucumber and rosemary gin and tonic and the classic Sunday favourite: Mimosas with a touch of freshly squeezed Sicilian orange juice.

As we leave, we spot the lunch options being served, and wish we could stay for round two. Our taste buds are tingling at the plates of linguini, aubergine parmigiana and fresh fish that were being served to a crowd of good looking South Kensingtoners. With such amenable pricing and an extensive menu, a visit for dinner is next on our list!

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