Sliced fruit in an appleWave goodbye to trolley tackles and supermarket struggles with Redapple nourishing groceries delivered straight to your door.

Redapple is the “root” to help busy people eat nutritiously. Established in 2011, the core values are to reduce shopping time by delivering healthy ingredients right to your doorstep. With long working hours and the constant convenience of takeaways and accessibility to restaurants, it is easy to neglect nutritious eating habits. Redapple also collect and share recipes, tips and cooking ideas to help introduce the idea of cooking healthily.

The process is plain and simple. You order online with the choice of two options, a Large Fruit and Veg Bag (feeds a family between 3-5), £17.50 or a Medium Fruit and Veg Bag (feeds a family between 2-3), £12.50. Bags are delivered fortnightly and if you’re out, your delivery will be left somewhere safe.

Ensure your fridge is fully equipped with fruit and veg throughout the year and feed your family with Redapple goodness.

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