Top Tips For Finding A Restaurant That’s Right For Your Large Party

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When there is a large group of you heading out for a meal, it can be really tricky to find the right kind of eatery to suit everyone. After all, not everybody has the same tastes. And some people have special dietary needs. There may be kids in the group that may be put off by unfamiliar menu choices. And then, of course, you need to be wary of how far you all need to travel to get there! Here are some top tips to choosing the right restaurant for your group:


Not everybody likes spicy foods. But those that do, love an evening in a good curry house more than anything else. If Indian food is the choice of the majority, why not choose a restaurant like that provides cuisine from several regions? That way you can find dishes prepared in different ways with different aromas and flavours. Not all dishes are hot and spicy. There are many Indian dishes that are full of flavour without all that eye-watering heat. African, Hungarian, and even Thai restaurants can provide a large variety of dishes.


A good restaurant is one that clearly states the source of its ingredients and all the relevant allergy information. Many people have intolerances and allergies to foods like nuts. And those that don’t eat meats or fish can struggle to find true vegetarian options. Local produce is always preferred. For a start, it has cost less to transport it to the restaurant. These savings can be passed on to you. And the produce is likely to be fresher if it hasn’t be shipped far. When you’re with people who know and love food, try a restaurant that celebrates its menu.


The setting is very important when you have a large party of dinner guests joining you. Everyone should comfortably fit around the table. The music and chatter shouldn’t reach peaks that make it impossible to enjoy a good conversation. Dinner music is important, but not everybody enjoys chart hits. And the waiting staff should be friendly but not intrusive. They should be easy to talk to and fully informed of the menu choices so they can offer advice. Decor should be appropriate to the region where the dishes originate. And it should be clean! You can find what the food hygiene ratings mean at



Not everybody likes to drink alcohol with a meal. A good restaurant will have plenty of soft choices. This may include pure fruit juices as well as the branded sodas. Table water should be ready and waiting for you as you sit down. And small straws for kids are essential! The wine list should be detailed enough for you to know what is a good choice for your dish. And cocktails can be just the thing to enjoy while you wait for your meal.

Checking out your restaurant ahead of booking has never been easier thanks to the internet. You can view pictures of the interior and complete menus at the restaurant’s website. If you’re still not sure, why not pop in one evening and see for yourself what you can expect? Have a great meal.

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