Now, if like me, you’re a busy, working mum who has to cook multiple meals thanks to; one vegetarian child and one gf, by the time you get round to making your own, after a long, exhausting day, it’s invariably a not so healthy snack/bowl of cereal for me. This, in spite of my good intentions to eat super nutritious healthy food. Enter PREP…and the clue is in the name because, Prep is quite simply genius,  it is all prepped for you and the most complicated thing you’ll have to do is to order your Prep selection online and pay for it. From there, it is delivered, boxed and chilled to your door with no nasty surprise “use by tomorrow” dates and voila, your pick of  meals are ready and waiting.

Launched in Essex in 2016, Prep is the brain child of Mark Morley and brothers, Will and Frank Fishenden, Prep has grown to become one of the the UK’s most relevant names in healthy, go to ready made food and with Ambassadors such as top Nutritionist, Martin Macdonald, I am in good company.

But that’s not all,  I couldn’t believe food this tasty was healthy, with options such as tomato and mascarpone chicken with roasted garlic gnocchi and hazelnut green beans to turkey and duck massaman curry, you will be spoilt for choice.  My personal fave was the Mexican halloumi with 5 bean chilli and fajita rice, but knock yourself out with anything that takes your fancy.

All diets and nutritional needs are catered for with prep and the quality is outstanding. I’m not exactly world famous for my cooking (I’m a creative, right 😉 but even I can taste quality and Prep, is in no way, your typical “ready meal”.

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