Mighty Spice Cook, John Gregory-Smith Launches YouTube Videos

John Gregory SmithThe talented cook behind the Mighty Spice cookbook, John Gregory-Smith has launched a three-part pilot cooking show on YouTube.

Promising to use no more than five spices in each recipe, John Gregory-Smith has made spiced cooking easy without compromising on taste. He recently launched the brilliant Mighty Spice Cookbook, which promises to get people into cooking with spices at home in a fuss-free and fun way.

With over 100 delicious recipes, John’s cookbook has got spice fans comfortable cooking with spices in their own kitchen, whether it’s using the faithful garlic clove or the more adventurous garam masla. We’ve got him tipped to be Britain’s next big culinary maestro and with the help of fellow fiery food fans, that could come sooner rather than later.

John has just launched a three-part pilot of quick, easy and delicious recipes on YouTube food channel, Hungry. If the videos get enough views, the cook could see his cooking and presenting skills be made into a bona fide TV series, so get viewing,

Each of the three videos follow a simple yet scrumptious recipe and are no longer than five minutes long. Prop the laptop up in the kitchen and follow John’s simple instructions to make a healthy and delicious midweek meal. The first of the three part series is already live, showing you just how to make a fiery Chicken Kadahi Curry using no more than five spices.

Perfect for food fanatics looking to broaden their culinary horizons, John’s spicy recipes are set to be the next big thing.

Click here to visit John Gregory-Smith’s YouTube videos.

For John’s delicious spiced lamb skewers recipe, click here. 

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