Love Yourself

Even though lockdown restrictions have eased, going to the supermarket still demands a much bigger chunk out of the day than it used to – and delivery slots are still hard to come by. Add to that the brain fog and lack of motivation that many of us are currently plagued by and – as much as we may be seeing a load of rainbow-hued #foodinspo online – when we eventually fill our virtual or real life trolley, are we likely to grab convenience food, or to keep flying our ‘healthy living’ flag?

The reality, of course, is that when it comes to mealtimes, many of us are struggling to find it within ourselves to do much more than open a packet of crisps, pour a bowl of cereal or bung some bread in the toaster. Yet at the same time, many of us are lamenting lockdown weight gain, not to mention that general feeling of lethargy.

As well as removing the hassle of visiting the supermarket – and saving your valuable time in the process – Love Yourself provides a home delivery service tailored towards optimum health, calorie control, personal dietary requirements and – perhaps most importantly of all – exceptional taste and flavour!

You can choose your meal plan from options including (but not limited to) vegetarian, halal, gluten free, keto and performance, and they’re delivered to your door the evening before you’ll need them. Everything is fresh and seasonal, with an abundance of fruits, wholegrains and, where applicable, locally sourced meats. Snacks are also taken care of, with five meals a day meaning that you won’t be tempted to indulge in nutritionally empty grab’n’go options between meals.

My day’s-worth of gluten free food was delivered at around 8pm the night before – which immediately meant that I could go to sleep that night without that vague, gnawing worry of what I’d manage to cobble together for breakfast the next day.

A taste sensation awaited me the following morning, and throughout the day. Since Love Yourself changes its menu so frequently, I won’t tantalise you with what I experienced: suffice to say that every one of my five meals was packed with flavour, didn’t leave me feeling bloated – nor, importantly, hungry – and took absolutely zero time to heat up or unbox.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m looking forward to a time when I can wander a market, linger over my food purchases and cook up an enjoyable storm for family and friends. Even so – even post-pandemic – there are going to be times when looking after myself just feels like hard work; the flexibility of the Love Yourself packages (you can order just one day at a time, or for 8 weeks if you’ve got an event or massively busy period coming up) is just another thing to enjoy about their offering.

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