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Inn The ParkLondon’s best kept secret, Peyton and Byrne restaurant Inn The Park has reopened after the spectacular events of the summer.

To celebrate its reopening, renowned restaurateur Oliver Peyton and mixologist Nick Strangeway have teamed up to bring Londoners a unique cocktail menu made from ingredients foraged from London parks. The dynamic new cocktail menu combined with head chef’s Tom Catley who has a wealth of culinary experience under his belt including working with names such as Ottolenghi and Bobu have developed a fresh and contemporary menu filled with British delights.

Nick Strangeway’s foraged cocktails are inspired by the park itself with an autumnal palette of flavours; rosehip syrup, sloe gin, crab apple jelly, nettle cordial and Somerset cider brandy.

Pioneering in British seasonal cooking, Inn the Park have  a range of mouth-watering dishes from brunch to lunch. From salt baked vegetable fritters and crispy cheese and globe artichoke with malt and mustard (£6-7.50) for a quick snack or small bites to mains including summer squash dumplings with bee pollen and cracked cobnuts, and a rose veal chop with gremolata (£14.50-22.50). Ideal for afternoon tea or even an evening drink, the leafy and picturesque backdrop of St James’s Park is the perfect setting to spend Sunday afternoons or special occasions.

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For find out how to create your own Nick Strangeway cocktail, see Drinks Recipes.

Inn The Park is located at St James’s Park, London, SW1A 2BJ

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