Five Dishes To Cook On Date Night

Date Night Food

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Staying in for date night can be very romantic! You can get all cosy at home with candles and flowers, and it won’t put a strain on your bank balance. One fantastic idea for a date night at home is to cook your partner their favorite meal. Not only will cooking for them give you the chance to pamper them and show them how much they care, but you can also spend some quality time together. Not sure what to cook for your date night? Here are five fantastic dishes.


Pasta is such as diverse ingredient. You can keep it as simple as you like, or really go to town and create a luxury dish. Macaroni cheese is a brilliant comfort food. If you want to turn it into a decadent treat, cook it with Lancashire cheese and top it with asparagus like they do at the White Tower Restaurant. If you’re not really a fan of cheesy sauces, you can always cook your pasta in a rich tomato sauce. Spaghetti Bolognese is a popular tomato-based dish. Cook a pan of spaghetti and then top it with minced beef in a tomato Bolognese sauce. Whatever type of pasta dish you choose, don’t forget to top it with lots of fresh parmesan cheese!


Pies are just as versatile as pasta dishes! You can keep them vegetarian or pack them full of juicy cuts of meat. There are so many great pie recipes. Chicken and mushroom are often mixed with a creamy sauce and used as a hearty filling. When it comes to vegetarian options, roasted Mediterranean veggies make fantastic light pies. Perfect for serving throughout the summer! You can also serve your pies with a variety of sides. Potatoes and vegetables are very traditional or, you could opt for a healthier salad.


If you and your partner love sharing, try cooking some tapas dishes for your romantic meal. Tapas is very popular in Spanish cuisine and comprises of many small plates of different dishes that everyone shares. It’s a fantastic introduction to Spanish food if you have never tried it before. Some excellent dishes for tapas are Spanish omelets and dates baked in bacon. Sharing food is great for date nights – you can even try feeding your partner!


You’ll also need to think of a tasty dessert for you romantic meal! Chocolate is, of course, the perfect choice to use as your main ingredient. You could bake an extravagant chocolate cake or melt some chocolate and dip strawberries and grapes in. Chocolate makes a great dessert as you can use it in so many different ways. What’s more, you can easily find vegan versions these days! If you are sick of cooking after the main course, you can skip a dessert and simply indulge in a box of chocolates in front of the TV!

You can let your imagination go wild when you’re thinking about what to cook for your date night. Get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen and cook something that shows off your culinary talents!

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