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The fact the Halloween is round the corner first brought the Wintercroft masks to my attention, when a friend posted a link to their site. 

A brief investigation online and a quick chat to their designer, surfboard shaper, unassuming eco advocate and creator of deceptively beautiful things Steve Wintercroft led to this article.

The masks on the site are as striking as they are ingenious, and Steve’s designs have understandably been commissioned for music videos, fashion shoots, events and much more.

Arguably best of all, the ethos of using recycled material and making these stunning designs readily available means that Steve has offered them to anyone prepared to make them for a bargain price, rather than incur superfluous postage and packaging costs. He advocates cereal boxes as ideal, but once the templates are downloaded from the site direct they can be sized and made with any card, and disposed of post. Quite why you would want to dispose of something so beautiful is beyond me, though. 

They can be made in adult or kids’ sizes, and the primary problem may well be which ones are most popular in your house each time you check them; a perfect, striking and innovative project for Halloween and long beyond. 

£4.50- £5.50 per template to download from

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