SUPERFLY- Firefly x Mr Lyan 

It’s wonderful to see that soft drinks are catching up with their boozy counterparts, and food when it comes to creativity and innovation. 

Should you need any evidence for that bombastic opening, look no further than a bottle of Superfly, the new collaboration between juicy-goodness-meisters extraordinaire Firefly, and Mr Lyan himself, Ryan Chetiyawardana.

I have waxed lyrical here and elsewhere numerous times about Ryan’s prodigious output across bars, hotels, books and more and for good reason, such are the absurd level of joy and wonder at the heart of all he does. 

Superfly marries Chetiyawardana’s desire to make a grown-up soft drink with the expertise and passion Firefly have shown since their inception in 2003, and the results are pretty remarkable.

The striking packaging itself sets Superfly aside; a twist on the well-loved Firefly bottle with bold floral design, and artwork by the aforementioned Mr Lyan.

It’s once you twist the cap that the real magic of Superfly becomes apparent, with Cascara, Wormwood, Kola Nut and Green Coffee adding a dry finish to the aromatic fruitiness of grapefruit and redcurrant perfectly.  Put more succinctly, it’s beyond delicious on its own, and goes great with booze so you can temper the healthy in your hedonism.

Whether or not the name was a deliberate homage, I’m sure Curtis Mayfield would have been as impressed at what may well be my new favourite drink, full stop.

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