Men’s Clothing: What To Invest In This Winter

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There’s an incredible choice out there for those men looking to spruce up their winter wardrobe and create cosy yet stylish looks even in the colder weather. When considering seasonal clothing it can be easy to think of buying cheap items so that you can save money for Christmas, but fast fashion has a significant negative impact on the environment, and as such it’s important that as consumers we start to change the way we think about the clothes we buy. One of the best ways to reduce our environmental impact and save money is to invest in quality clothing that will stand the test of time and can be styled as part of a variety of different outfits.

Some items of clothing, such as t-shirts, are worn repeatedly and then discarded, and as such they can be purchased relatively cheaply and worn until they are done with, whereas other items of clothing are worth investing in so that you have a quality wardrobe staple that you can treasure. Here’s our guide to selecting the clothing you should invest in to reduce your carbon footprint whilst still looking great.

Coats And Jackets

Your outerwear is crucial to keeping you warm in winter, so invest in quality pieces that will go with everything and keep you snug. Where you live and how much time you spend outside will affect the coat you buy, so think hard about what you’re looking for before you commit. If you want to personalise your coat, and create the ideal style to suit your needs, then work with a brand like to craft a custom-made tailored coat that you’ll never want to take off.


The overlooked hero of every man’s wardrobe, trousers are essential not only for keeping your legs warm but also for finishing off any outfit and giving you the perfect shape. For winter, it’s important that you find some hardwearing trousers that can withstand harsh weather conditions and will also look great with a variety of outfits. Jeans are the perfect choice as they’re hardwearing and can be worn casually or dressed-up for more formal occasions. If you want a pair of jeans that can be worn on any occasion and will show off your unique sense of style then take a look at the men’s designer range from EDWIN. They have every style from straight leg, to slim tapered to loose fit so you know you’ll be able to find a pair that’s in keeping with your look.


A quality jumper will not only keep you warm and cosy, but also give you a great look this winter. Jumpers are great for when you want to layer up, as you can wear it over other clothes and remove it if you get too warm or want to completely revolutionise your look. They come in all shapes and sizes, from branded sweatshirts through to chunky cable knit wool pullovers, so select the jumper that best compliments your sense of style.


In winter the weather can be unpredictable, so to keep your belongings safe and dry you should invest in a quality bag. Forget about Joey and his ‘man bag’; today there are loads of different styles of bag that can make you look cool and keep your possessions out of the elements. Some types of bags are more casual, such as backpacks and crossbody bags, whilst others, like briefcases, are better for more formal occasions, so consider investing in a number of bags so that you’re always prepared and have something to wear with every outfit.


You might think that chucking a beanie on and rushing out of the house is the ideal way to use a hat to complete your look, but there are many different hats out there that’ll keep your head toasty and dry even as the nights draw in and the temperature drops. From a traditional style like a bowler hat through to a modern baseball cap, there’s something to suit all men out there. To ensure you get the right accessory, you need to make sure that the fit of your headgear is right for your head shape and style, so invest in a quality hat that will look perfect and see you through many winters.


Footwear completes an outfit and is also crucial for keeping your feet warm and dry during the winter months. As such, it’s important that you invest in a quality pair of shoes that are practical as well as stylish. Even when wearing a casual outfit, trainers are not a great idea for winter, as they’re usually made of fabric, which can get wet and let the cold air reach your feet. Instead, opt for a pair of sturdy boots that will keep your feet warm and allow you to traverse even the most weather-worn of terrain easily. Boots come in many shapes and sizes and there are many different winter boots to suit all types of men, so you’ll be able to find your ideal pair to keep your extremities warm as the winter draws in.

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