I can think of no better reason to write a badly overdue piece for the mighty StyleNest. 

In addition, I should confess to absurd amounts of bias when it comes to the project which follows, and its incredible founder. 

Susie Weaver is a blogger, creative powerhouse, mother, friend, style icon, force of nature and bona-fide legend in my humble opinion; she’s also hella funny and charming.

Said legendary status reached new levels last year when she launched the first design of It’s OK To Feel S.H.I.T. t-shirts from here So Happy In Town website. 

Aside from being objectively ace, and super ethical all profits of these went to the incredible Young Minds charity, who provide invaluable help and support to young people with their mental health. 

Having made over £7,000 for the charity, many of us would have basked in the glow of our aceness, at least for a while. 

Susie didn’t. 

She got an incredible new design commissioned, and has launched T-shirts and tote bags, which are available now, hence this article. 

Once again ethically made, fair trade and organic cotton so will last for ages, they will make you feel like an epic boss for buying one, and helping people literally at the same time. 

Aside from the (richly deserved) praise here, and the importance of supporting our friends doing amazing things, this campaign, Young Minds and Susie all do something life-changing and profoundly important. 

Reframing the dialogue, and removing absurd stigma around mental health empowers and illuminates where shame and darkness had existed before. 

Speaking openly and honestly reminds people that they are not alone, and offering practical help can transform, and save lives. 

Enabling young people to be heard, and supported in tangible ways can mean the world to parents, siblings and carers as well. 

For these reasons, I would urge you to do something amazing today; buy a bag or a t-shirt. If you can’t, please donate a few pounds. 

Regardless, take a moment to check in with somebody love. 

Tiny acts of kindness are revolutionary, so let’s show kindness to ourselves and others legends, and support each other.

(Link to buy- mens and ladies T-shirts £22, tote bags £10)

Young Minds-

Susie’s website-

Her insta, because it’s honest, funny and inspirational, just like

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