I’ve always loved Vans, and rocked them from time to time many years ago. 

That said, I have to confess it wasn’t until their recent resurgence fashion wise that I got any again; irrationally feeling that my lack of credibility as a skater meant avoiding them. 

Now while I think seeing Thrasher T-shirts everywhere is a touch bizarre I say crack on if you’re happy, and get the Vans on regardless- last time I checked most rocking trainers and sports-luxe aren’t elite athletes, and so much the better. 

These are ladies’ shoes, as if that matters unless you have big feet. 

They’re rainbow based joy for the extremities, and the perfect antidote for the unremitting rain and mid-level fuckery around us at the mo. 

Anything which brightens the gloom and ennui is Covetable for me just now, so get some rainbows and spread some love. 

Vans Rainbow Classic Slip-ons, £50

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