Covetable – Travelteqactive Carry-on Suitcase

TravelteqactiveFor those of you unfamiliar with Travelteq, this Amsterdam based company was the brainchild of a group of friends who came together in 2009 to create ‘beautiful and unique travel products’. 

The range of exquisite bags, cases, and accessories is testament that they have more than succeeded in their original goals.

Newest up to add to their stunning leather based sophistication, TravelTeqActive is the epitome of ingenious functionality and great design, with a killer aesthetic. Their new active carry-on suitcase looks amazing, and every facet of its design makes it a veritable swiss-army knife of cunning for the weary traveller.

From a size which adapts to the specs of individual airlines (as well as altering to inevitable shopping while away), to secure laptop and ipad compartments, this has you covered. Add all-weather proof resilience in the toughest materials imaginable, a broad wheel base and sections on either side to easily access toiletries, books and the like, and you have the perfect travel companion. 

Best of all, this crowdfunded beauty can be yours for an absurdly reasonable price should you support them now. 

Their passion and attention to detail makes Travelteq, and this bag the perfect brand for the Styleden, and this carry-on the definition of Covetable. 


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