Covetable – Ruffians Daily Facial Moisturiser

Shaving RangeIt’s not brain surgery that we need to look after ourselves a bit more, especially as the years roll on (or trundle in my case). The good news is that there is enough science and attention to detail in Ruffians Daily Facial Moisturiser to make it easier for the lower maintenance amongst us to put the day-to-day work in. 

If you’re not lucky enough to be able to nip in to their stunning stores in Covent Garden and Edinburgh to get expertly barbered, shaved, beard-trimmed and pampered, they’ll even send their special brand of love straight to you. 

Part of a range which includes a facial scrub and shave gel, the moisturiser is alcohol free to avoid irritation and contains citrus extract, which acts as a natural antiseptic and cleans out your pores. Vitamins and minerals protect your skin from life, invigorate and help ageing (not, of course, that you need it). Long story short, your skin will be lemon fresh and softer, so you’ll feel that little bit better about yourself. Sounds like a plan to us. 

Ruffians Daily Facial Moisturiser £15.95

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