post-23-08-2016_nanamica_downmuffler_navy_sh_1I’ve been borderline obsessed with Nanamica for a few years now, and there are those who were way ahead of the curve comparatively since the brand launched in 2003.

As evidenced by their stunning jackets, at their best Nanamica take exceptional materials, marrying sportswear and fashion to perfect, timeless design and this Down Muffler is no exception.

As previous and forthcoming pieces will demonstrate, I’m a huge fan of any number of scarves, pashminas, capes and blankets to approach A/W headlong with a toasty grin.

This may look like a tiny sleeping bag, but the combination of soft wool and ripstop nylon make for a killer option for the forward thinking gent adverse to a chilly neck, and leaning heavily towards Japanese aceness for a key winter accessory. 

Pictured in navy, the down muffler also comes in  heather grey and khaki, and can effortlessly divide opinion between superfluous and lovely; suffice to say I’m team lovely. 

Nanamica Down Muffler, £85

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