Covetable – Mahabis

SlippersThe humble slipper. The baffy. Such a simple, ubiquitous piece of kit. However, unless you go full 1950s gent with housecoat, silk pyjamas and monogramed leather stylings (which is unlikely), so consistently awful.

Offer some thanks, then, to mahabis. These clever people  have apparently returned from the future with a slipper which offers function and no lack of style for modern times. 

Seldom, if ever, has such care and technology combined to such effect on something so apparently mundane, yet central to our day-to-day lives.

Mahabis have taken state of the art, lightweight materials for your feet to revel in- breathable felt and faux-sheepskin. From there they’ve gone next-level with a detachable high-grip sole in a range of colours for outdoor slipper adventures, or in the house.

The end result is a simple yet deceptively stylish silhouette which solves the problems the designers detected in a perfect, understated, yet eminently wearable way. A quick stop by their website shows the extent to which this is an aesthetic, and passion at odds with our preconceptions of the slipper, and more power to them for it.

You could drop crashing hints to your relatives in the lead-up to Christmas, but I’d suggest cutting out the middle-man, raising your slipper game and buying a pair now, and making your life a tiny bit better from the feet up. 

Mahabis bundle (slipper and sole) £49

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