p-jamiesons-241016-01-09_1024x1024With the icy grasp of winter upon us, being toasty should be at the top of your list of priorities. 

Of course layering and outerwear have reached incredible heights now, and the range of new technical fibres and techniques is as dizzying as it is impressive.

This does not fall under that category, and is no worse for it. 

What you are looking at, dear reader, is an actual proper wooly jumper. Made of wool. From your actual lambs, aka wee sheep. 

In terms of innovative design there are strategically placed holes for your head and arms, enabling the woollen toastiness to encompass your torso and upper extremities (arms). 

Jamieson’s have been making top notch old school jumpers for 120 years in the Shetlands, just like this one, which is spun, dyed and knitted right there. 

I’ve plumped for this Blue Danube colour as it’s lovely imho, but there’s nary a dud amongst the range to be found at Mancunian garms-peddlers extraordinaire Oi Polloi , alongside all manner of other niceness for the more discerning gentleman in your life as a gift, or yourself should you fancy. 

Jamieson’s Crew Neck Knit- Blue Danube£90

For multiple menswear at its very best, check Oi Polloi in person in Manchester and London, or get them here

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